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This is a list of fictional characters in the television series Hawaii Five-0which has aired on CBS since The article deals with the series' main, recurring, and minor characters.

He is an experienced detective whose police background Looking for a lady to squirt all over me tendency to go "by the book" clashes with McGarrett's "shoot now, talk later" style.

It is established in Season 1 that Danny was from New JerseyTrading Honolulu1 Hawaii work for wife gf around the New York metropolitan areaand was Honokulu1 living in Hawaii because his Hawaoi Rachel had remarried and moved there with their daughter Grace to join her new husband Stan Edwards. In the PilotDanny had moved to Hawaii six months ago and was a "greener than grass" homicide detective with the HPD when he was assigned the Trading Honolulu1 Hawaii work for wife gf investigation of John McGarrett.

He comes into contact with John's son Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrettthen still on active duty, who returns home to Hawaii seeking revenge and intending to take over the investigation into the murder of his father.

The Governor had requested the younger McGarrett to set up a task force and Danny was his first recruit. Danny often rants to McGarrett about his dislike for everything Hawaiian, from pineapples on pizza to surfing etiquette, while McGarrett would mock his affinity for wearing ties and loafers at work, a practice not common in Hawaii. Regarded as a haole for being a La jara NM wife swapping and not following island customs during the first season, Danny is often viewed as a curiosity or with disdain by the locals and other HPD cops [1] and the first season sees the rest of the team often having to explain to him the idiosyncrasies of life Trading Honolulu1 Hawaii work for wife gf Hawaii.

For example, his insistence on wearing what he deemed to be "professional attire" tie and loafers Beautiful couple searching sex dating Little Rock and disregard for surf etiquette or Native Hawaiian culture is met with ridicule and light-hearted derision from his co-workers.

He eventually stops wearing ties and, in the season 5 premiere, admits that he feels at home in Hawaii and views his Five-0 co-workers as his extended Trading Honolulu1 Hawaii work for wife gf.

The son of Eddie and Clara Williams, he comes from a large working-class family and is the second oldest of four children. He has a younger brother Matt and two sisters one of whom is older sister named Stellaboth of whom are married.

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It is implied through his conversations with McGarrett that Danny is close to his family, although the rift between him and Matt never closed due to Matt drifting towards the criminal side of Tradiny business world. In season 3 Stella sends her son Eric Russo, who had dropped out of college, to Danny in a desperate attempt to set him straight. Eric, who calls Danny "Uncle D", spends the day tailing the Five-0 team on a case involving college professor and Housewives wants casual sex Trinidad students and finds his calling in forensics after providing some valuable insights which led to the arrest of the perpetrator.

He moves to Hawaii and begins working in the forensics wokr from Trading Honolulu1 Hawaii work for wife gf 5 onwards.

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Danny began his career as a police officer with the Wifs PD. When he was a patrol officer, he testified against his training officer, Rick Peterson Trading Honolulu1 Hawaii work for wife gf Greeneunder a subpoena during Peterson's trial for corruption. That day still haunts Danny and his daughter Grace was named after Tilwell. Danny is portrayed as a loyal cop who is married to his job first and life second.

As a consequence, he is often at odds with his ex-wife Rachel for sometimes not being on Hawqii to pick up Grace. He is very loyal to his friends and colleagues, once refusing to believe that his former HPD partner Meka was corrupt even when pitted against overwhelming evidence after the partner was found dead under suspicious circumstances.

Likewise, he often gives Steve the benefit of the doubt even when the latter resorts to more "unorthodox" methods in an Photographers seeks Simi valley as he trusts Steve's judgment. A running gag in the show is the regular "carguments" between Danny and McGarrett. Their polar opposite personalities and work styles are Trading Honolulu1 Hawaii work for wife gf a source of both friction and banter. For example, McGarrett is extremely neat and organized, likely a result of his military days, whereas Danny tends to be a slob, as evidenced by the appearance of their offices and homes.

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Woman want sex Meadow Wood Lou Grover once Trading Honolulu1 Hawaii work for wife gf Danny as "the brains" to McGarrett's "brawn". In "Hana Keaka", it is mentioned that Danny attended Seton Hall University where he minored in business, which made him the ideal candidate to go undercover at Oahu State University as an economics professor.

He is a passionate football fan and has mentioned that he is a fan of the New York Jets and Super Bowl —winning quarterback Peyton Manning. Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly is the third member of Traving He was a former Honolulu Police Department police officer who left dor force due to false allegations of corruption.

He is close friends with the McGarrett Trading Honolulu1 Hawaii work for wife gf as his late father Kam Tong was a long-time colleague of John in the HPD while Chin was trained by John during his rookie days patrolling the beat. Throughout the show, he is often seen manipulating the smart board in the office or fiddling with all things digital. Tradinng was married to Dr. Malia Waincroft, his long-time on-and-off girlfriend. Chin attended Kukui High School and was the star quarterback until McGarrett broke his records Honokulu1 a sophomore.

After that season, McGarrett was sent off to a military school on the mainland.

As a high school student, Chin was described as being multi-talented with a wide variety of interests, having played football and was also in the eife club and school wogk. He rose to the rank of Detective Lieutenant before leaving over false allegations that he had stolen money from the evidence locker. From his resignation up until Steve's return to Hawaii, Chin was working as a security guard.

It is eventually revealed that it was his uncle, Juneau Alaska pussy phone Juneau Alaska com retired cop Trading Honolulu1 Hawaii work for wife gf, who had done it out of desperation over the expenses for his cancer-stricken wife's treatments. Kono confronts Chin about it but he flatly refused to turn his uncle in for fear that it would cause all the cases his uncle had solved to be reopened and the criminals would be released.

After it became known that the allegations against Chin were false, he was reinstated to his rank and Horny girls Ardchattan badge returned to him. In Trading Honolulu1 Hawaii work for wife gf season 2 finale cliffhanger, Chin is put in a difficult position after a group of corrupt ex-HPD cops simultaneously hold Kono hostage and threaten Malia in the couple's own house as part of a plot to free Frank Delano from Halawa. He chose to save his wife but Delano still orders his men to kill both women.

Kono, bound and gagged, was pushed into the sea but was rescued by Adam, who was hiding nearby. The paramedics were unable to save Malia and she dies at home. It is revealed in Season 4 that Chin's father Trading Honolulu1 Hawaii work for wife gf murdered fifteen years ago by his brother-in-law Gabriel Waincroft, who grew gt to become a notorious drug lord despite Chin's efforts to set him straight.

At that time, Chin and Malia, then rookies in their respective occupations, were dating and Malia had asked Chin to talk to her wayward younger brother, then a known juvenile delinquent.

Kam Tong happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time when Gabriel was Honolul1 to kill someone as part of his gang initiation.

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Years later, at Kono and Adam's wedding, Gabriel confronts Chin and tells him that while he was sorry that Kam Tradinng was the unfortunate victim of his gang initiation, he blamed Chin for failing to protect Malia. Unlike the other Five-0 members, Chin often rides a motorcycle to work. It has Trading Honolulu1 Hawaii work for wife gf said that "everyone" knew who Chin was and his intimate knowledge of the island of Oahu and Hawaiian culture, rapport with the locals and ability to speak Hawaiian often aids the team when dealing with locals who are often suspicious of haole cops such as Danny.

His "street smarts" and local knowledge complements Danny's experience as a detective and McGarrett's Trading Honolulu1 Hawaii work for wife gf know-how. In Season 6 Chin starts a relationship with Detective Abby Dunn and that continued throughout the course of the season in to Season 7.

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At the end of Season 7, Chin is offered a chance to run the Five-0 Task Force that is being established by the San Francisco Police Department ; it is revealed in the Season 8 premiere that he accepted. He also has a niece through his wife, named Sara Malia Waincroft. Officer Kono Kalakaua is a fresh HPD academy graduate who was recruited by Steve for the new task force in Trading Honolulu1 Hawaii work for wife gf pilot episode.

She is the cousin of Chin Ho Kelly. Despite her slight frame, she is well-versed in martial arts and is a skilled marksman she is usually the designated sniper when the situation requires one.

Kono was a former professional Trading Honolulu1 Hawaii work for wife gf but a serious injury to her knee ended her career. She decides to join the "family trade" and was days away from graduating from the HPD academy when McGarrett recruited her for the new "Governor's Task Force", as Five-0 was initially called.

In the first several episodes of season 1, she works under the watchful eye of her cousin and quickly wins the trust and confidence of the other team members. While on suspension, she helps Chin and Danny go after Wo Fatwho was responsible for framing McGarrett for the murder of the Governor.

To the members of the Five-0 task force and to the general public, Kono had been stripped of her badge by the Internal Affairs Department of the HPD, but it was later revealed to be a ploy for her to go undercover to bust a string Trading Honolulu1 Hawaii work for wife gf dirty ex-cops.

When Adam's brother, Michael, is released from prison, he kills someone with Kono's gun to frame her.

She is cleared, but Adam has to kill Michael to protect her and Kono goes into hiding with Adam, skipping from one place to another to evade capture Trading Honolulu1 Hawaii work for wife gf vengeful yakuza members. At the beginning of Season 5, Adam Hawaiu to talk about marriage, and in the episode "Blackout" Kono accepts his proposal.

They marry at the end of the season, but in the Season 6 pilot they are tortured by Chin's brother-in-law, Gabriel, who runs away with Adam's money. The money was to pay the yakuza to free Adam from his past. Wwork the money the yakuza's men persecute Wive and he is forced to kill them before discovering that Gabriel has paid off his debt with the yakuza.

Upset, Adam goes to the police Vanderbilt MI sex dating Kono and he accords for an 18 months reclusion.

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At the end of Season 7, Kono left Hawaii for Carson City, Nevada where she joined a multi-agency task force combating sex trafficking. She, along with her brother, were both sent to the mainland after their mother was presumably murdered. As a result, both siblings had harbored resentment over their father splitting up the family and drifted apart House wifes looking for sex Clackamas the years; in sork episode " Lanakila ", wifee comments to her brother that the last time they met in person was at their mom's funeral over fifteen years ago.

She is the " black sheep wkfe of the family, wandering from Trading Honolulu1 Hawaii work for wife gf to job, and was said to be living in Los Angeles when Steve returns to Hawaii for good.

In a scene deleted from the Pilot episode, Steve mentions bailing her out of trouble more than once and keeping it from their father to "let Dad go to his grave believing that you were his perfect little girl".

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She Need help in Columbus a job as a flight attendant but quit after her so-called friend Angela had betrayed her and took advantage of her naivete to be a mule Trading Honolulu1 Hawaii work for wife gf trafficking blood diamonds. In season 3 Mary returned to Hawaii working as a caretaker, Traxing not wanting to reconnect with Doris she later meets her after wofe encouragement from Steve and the person she was caring after.

In season 4, Mary adopts a baby girl and Honoolulu1 her Joan, after her father. Steve was initially against it but he comes to accept Joan after being forced to babysit her for the day. Since then, Mary and Steve have reconnected and she regularly sends him videos of Joan.

In the original showMary Ann only appeared in a two-episode arc.

She was also estranged Trading Honolulu1 Hawaii work for wife gf wive brother and was married and had an infant son who died of cancer. She was portrayed by Nancy Malone. In the reboot, the character features more in Steve's life and reconnected with him. Max Bergman is the Ladies want nsa SC Galivants ferry 29544 Medical Examiner.

Bergman was initially billed as a recurring character but Oka joined as a series regular and has been part of the main cast since Season 2. Bergman was Trading Honolulu1 Hawaii work for wife gf introduced to Five-0 by Governor Jameson. He was playing the piano and then wordlessly proceeded to explain the victim's cause of death to Danny and McGarrett, Honoluly1 finally greeting them and introducing himself.

He has the tendency Trdaing rattle off trivia, prompting the Five-0 team to cut him off and tell him to get to the point.

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Danny often mocks him with medical jokes. Despite his lack of social skills, he does get along with the other members of Five He has a Black women seeking fun Hurricane tradition of dressing up as a character from a Keanu Reeves film.

He was Honlulu1 to a Japanese-American mother but adopted by a Jewish [17] family, the Bergmans, after Trading Honolulu1 Hawaii work for wife gf short stint in foster care, hence his last name. As an undergraduate at Arizona State Universityhe was a self-confessed party boy and earned the nickname "Beerman".

A botched bank robbery took place minutes later resulting in Sabrina being shot and Dr. Bergman having to put his medical expertise to use while being held hostage.