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Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted I Look For Vip Sex

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Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted

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White male waiting for woman to have some fun with. Please no email with links that leads to registration to a website to see nude pics. Someone that I can have Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted great connection with. And good luck on your search. Take care of each other.

Age: 19
Relationship Status: Single
Seeking: Look For Couples
City: Los Angeles, CA
Hair: Redhead
Relation Type: Blk Mandingo Seekn Freaky Stud Female

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This is a true story about me, riding my first sybian Hi, I'm Barbara, a year old Dutch girl. I work in an international law firm in Amsterdam but occasionally I write reviews in Dutch about adult pay-sites. I don't have a steady relationship, but I'm very open when it comes to life, and I do enjoy sleeping with men.

Although people at work know I'm sexually active and very open, I try to keep work and business separate. I have been posing occasionally as a lingerie model. I have what you might call a classic build: My editor wanted to know if I could Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted a story about interesting toys. Not just the Hot horny woman in saugerties girl toys like vibrators or dildos or love eggs, but "something special.

I really didn't have to think long. A few years ago, a former boyfriend told me his ex-girlfriend once rode a sybian in his presence. He told me he had never seen a girl or woman in maale ecstasy, and that Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted girlfriend had a screaming orgasm, all the while begging for more. At that point, I didn't even know what a sybian was; when Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted finally found out, the idea of riding one stuck fast in my mind.

The idea of being penetrated, of being totally dominated, by a machine relentlessly fucking me hard and deep was Elizabetb major turn-on. I told my editor that's what I wanted to do- ride a sybian.

Looking Sex Chat Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted

He agreed immediately; riding one would be my assignment. So much for method-acting! By the end of the day all I could think about was riding this machine that was built for only that one purpose make me come over and over again Marlies, a colleague of mine, said Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted would arrange things.

She put an ad on the Dutch web site and asked if there was a woman or couple living in Holland that owned a sybian, and would they allow me to write about the experience of riding on it. Elizabwth as things came together, it became obvious that it Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted not be that way, and that there Elizabetg no backing out. A week from then, on Friday, September 12th, I would ride my first sybian!

Marlies had made an appointment with John and Elizabeth in Utrecht for 6 pm, and it was about half an hour away from my Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted. I really had no idea what to expect, if John would mald at home, or if there would be enough privacy for me to enjoy my first ride on this fuck ma,e.

I know I can be pretty loud when I climax and didn't want to be embarrassed if someone heard my moans and cries of ecstasy.

All I knew was that Elizabeth was 36 and Marlies told me she was really nice on the phone. That night I didn't catch much sleep at all. My thoughts were wrapped around what was soon going to happen.

I Hot women seeking hot fucking women wants couple emotionally and sexually excited, and Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted than a little frustrated as I felt my juices flowing, but decided I didn't want to touch myself.

I wanted to hold back all of my passion for the big day. I had a strange erotic dream about a woman fondling my breasts and licking me between my legs. A rather strange dream, really, because I hadn't been with a woman since I experimented with a girlfriend in high school. Those dreams had haunted me all night and Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted the predawn hours. Next morning when I was taking off my baby dolls, my bikini bottoms were sopping wet.

My clitoris had poked its head out of its thin sheath and my pussy lips were already swollen thick and had flushed to a dark pink.

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Even my nipples were erect and a dark chocolate brown. As I took a shower I got control of my erotic fantasies and focused on things I needed to do at work as I shaved a few stray blonde hairs Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted the small patch around my sex.

I got dressed in a fine pair of silk panties which displayed more than half of my firm ass cheeks; I looked sexy, but not too sexy. My ass and breasts have Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted been my biggest assets and, even at 7: I still had to work that day, but my mind would drift off to the evening.

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I was sexually aroused all day, waiting for Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted to come. By the end of the first hour it had totally taken over my concentration. On my lunch break I debated whether I should go into the woman's rest room and masturbate myself to a climax. I was so excited I knew I would come quickly, but I decide not to do. Waiting, I rationalized to the over-stimulated erotic part of my brain, Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted the desire.

Even then, my pussy was keeping my panties wet, and my little pubic mound glistened. Then it was quitting time- finally the weekend!

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I took the short drive to Utrecht, stopped at a nice house near the city's center, got out of my car and ring the doorbell. Elizabeth was, indeed, nice, but she was also beautiful, with long curly black hair and a slim but curvaceous figure. She immediately made me feel at home.

Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted I Looking Sex Meeting

We talked a bit, small talk, and then to the purpose of my visit. She took my hand and guided me to the veranda, and there I saw the naked Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted, fully exposed on the carpet. The veranda was open all around, motrcycle light and airy, with the early evening sunlight poring in and a motorcyvle view of their garden.

This was something I did not expect. I expected a more private environment, not a place where I have a view on the surrounding. Elizabeth assured me however that this is a private place and no one can see in or notice anything, and that she will leave me alone.

I had a few doubts and didn't exactly know what to do, but the machine, all chrome and black reflecting sunlight in little shards, quelled my fears. Elizabeth explained all the functions of the sybian- the speeds, Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted, the workings in general- then left me alone. I kicked off my shoes and slipped out of my narrow jeans, then pulled my tank top over Sexy ladies seeking nsa Saint Pete Beach head, unsnap my bra and slide it off my shoulders.

My firm breasts were Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted to the sunlight, my rock-hard nipples poking out like little chocolate kisses. At first I didn't want to be all naked- I don't know why.

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Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted A bit shy I guess, so I put on my white tank top again and then slowly pushed my panties down my thighs, over my calves, and onto the floor. Just as it had been the entire day day, the crotch was wet and sticky, smelling of sex. I was all naked now, except for my tank top.

My tits felt very heavy. I fondled them and pulled at my nipples, pinching them as I always do amle I start to play with myself.

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I stroked the erection pointing up from pubic place of the sybian. He was soft and yet firm, every inch of him mimicking manhood in nature, from the shape of the head, to the veins on the curved shaft, to the testicular sack.

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He was nothing like the hardness of glass or plastic. He even felt warm from the sun. Instinctively, I went on my knees, opened my mouth and start to lick and suck him. I don't know why, but it felt like something I had to- he's was gonna be my lover, after all. I was very Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted, my thick musky juices flowing like honey down the inside of my thighs.

I lowered myself onto him, swollen pussy lips stretching to welcome his firm manhood deep into my body. I moaned as he penetrated me, eyes closed, Women Lansdowne international kings tense and quiver, the Elizaeth tightening around the 5" thickness of him.

His full length finally wabted me, the bulbous head and slick shaft filling my vagina with electric ecstasy. This feels good, I thought through the clouds of lust, in fact, it feels better than good.

This is what I needed! The yellow gold and Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted reds of sunlight were all around now.

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Sunbeams danced warmly on my almost naked body and I started to rock myself on his rigid member. The device was still turned off, yet this, just this, felt good already.

I played with my naked breasts and pushed my clit down against "the flipper," a device at the base of his pubic plate specially built for clitoral stimulation. I shivered when it began to tease my clit to full erection. I knew this was gonna be some wild ride. I was very comfortable but I wanted more. I had been longing for an orgasm Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted I knew this was my assignment, and it had been too long since a man had fucked my pussy.

I took the remote and put in on He began to vibrate, immediately stimulating my swollen pussy on the inside and blazing that familiar fire of a pending orgasm into my Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted. I closed my eyes- it seems like such a natural thing to do, rocking this sybian, feeling the gentle rotation deep inside my pussy. Seconds later, I completely lose control as the tension from the last few days explodes in a blinding flash behind my eyes.

I couldn't help but moan Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted cry out in lust, all this within half a minute after impaling myself on the sybian. It was a screaming orgasm, uncontrolled, animal in nature. I normally am pretty loud when I come, but this lEizabeth I was almost embarrassed by the loud cries I made. It was really no surprise as Elizabeth quickly entered with a worried look on her face and asked if everything was ok.

Then she became a bit ashamed Singlr she suddenly realized that Single Elizabeth motorcycle male wanted was just Fuck ladies Port Aransas woman that had come loudly and intensely, an expression of her passion. She kept looking at me and told me I'm really beautiful. I just thanked her. Meanwhile, the sybian kept doing its Elizabbeth, the pleasure, warmth and lust once again overwhelming.

I began bucking against the rock-hard cock deep inside me.