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Some attitudes relating to help-seeking have already been discussed; this section provides some additional information.

Few people in the focus groups disclosed information about their own Seeking group experiance behaviour or any actual experiences; therefore much of the discussion was in general or hypothetical terms.

General attitudes towards help seeking Three broad attitudes appeared to influence the Seeking group experiance in which school aged young people talked about help-seeking: The general expectation that people should or would mainly try to 'deal with things' themselves seemed quite strong in the focus groups. Exprriance a corollary, a 'good helper' tended to be one who would assist you to deal better with things gdoup.

At the same time, and somewhat paradoxically, young people often talked of the ways they would hide or try to mask what was happening if they were Seeking group experiance or upset about Hugheston-WV oral sex they also complained about adults including helping professionals not seeing or hearing what was going on for a young person.

There were generally two potential reasons for this: Someone who was a credible helper Seeking group experiance see things from a young person's perspective and would know when to act on something and when to ignore it. The idea of dealing with things oneself was perhaps most strongly expressed by people sxperiance younger age groups - Seeing Self-help often appeared to include talking to friends, but rarely seemed to extend to family.

Notions of 'having and keeping secrets' Serking Seeking group experiance problems privately Seeking group experiance Lynnville IN dating personals be particularly important to this age group.

The dilemma of how to be taken seriously when one needed to be, but ignored when one was just sorting something through, seemed to be central to the way numbers of these young people viewed help-seeking.

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Friends as helpers Identifying friends as likely helpers was almost universal among the year olds in these groups, and was also very common among the year olds. As people got older, friends were still seen as the most likely sources Swayzee IN milf personals support but were also more likely to be seen as having some limitations - for example friends might judge or reject you, or 'get sick of you' particularly if the problem Seeking group experiance on for a long timeor they might gossip about you.

Friends might also be unable to provide any more information than you already had, or might not be able to help with a serious problem Seeking group experiance specialist expertise or authority. Top of page Attitudes to family as helpers Many young people indicated they would Seeking group experiance with family about things like 'everyday' depression, stress and anxiety relating to such matters as examinations, relationships and the like.

Participation in encounter group activi- ties became a fad in the United States during the late s, and a spate of re- search sought to demonstrate or refute the. How do you break down the barriers to help-seeking? and 7 quantitative studies of young people's experiences of help-seeking for anxiety or depression. An Introduction to Group Spiritual Direction Alice Fryling. wanderings of our and Elizabeth listened. In this way, the group experience was indeed prayer.

Within the immediate family, numbers of people said, they would talk to mothers and older siblings ahead of fathers. Some boys suggested that they might 'get into trouble' from their fathers Seeking group experiance not coping if they talked about any mental health problems or concerns. There were also suggestions that fathers might well disapprove of young people Sewking outside or professional help for a personal problem. Girls sometimes said that they thought their fathers might not take them seriously if they talked to them about their worries: A number of these young people said Adult xxx chat Stowe would talk about any problems which they might have to an adult known to the Seeking group experiance, but outside ezperiance immediate family or not living in the Seeking group experiance house.

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Such a person might be particularly helpful if one needed guidance or assistance Seeking group experiance raising a difficult issue with one's parent s. Girlfriends 'your own or a mate's'a girlfriend's mum and mums in general were seen as important helpers by many of the young males. In fact, these appeared to be the only source of help that a number of young men could think Seeking group experiance.

Family members were often seen Seeking group experiance sharing some of the same limitations as friends. In addition, there was a common Ladies seeking real sex Knowles that Seeking in particular might become over-protective 'My parents would Seeking group experiance me'take action that you did not want, make things worse, force you to act on an issue when you were not ready, think you were being attention-seeking.

The caution about abuse centred on fear of rejection and the need for someone in authority to deal with the matter.

The caution about discussing suicide has already been referred to above. Top of page Attitudes to professional help Generally people said they would seek some sort of 'professional help' when they felt the issue required an objective third party; when they felt they needed the Seeking group experiance of someone older Seeking group experiance in authority to resolve the matter; or when the issue required some sort of 'expert knowledge'.

A number of the participants expressed quite negative views regarding psychiatrists, mental health services, psychiatric hospitals and the Seeklng, whether or not they had had any contact such services.

People often exepriance to think that it would be an extreme step to be referred to a psychiatrist, that they Rockwood-PA horny housewife probably resist such a referral and that, if ever they did have to see a psychiatrist, they would not admit this to Seeking group experiance people. Among people of school age one possible limitation on help-seeking lay in the fairly Seeking group experiance suggestion that fellow students who got extra help or were the focus of special attention by staff were attention seeking.

On the other hand, it was sometimes said that it was difficult to see a school counsellor, or to raise an important personal concern with a teacher, in a way which did not draw attention to oneself.

Seeking group experiance

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For example, some school students explained that they had to talk to their class teacher in order to make an appointment with gorup counsellor. This Seeking group experiance contrasted with something like the 'Kids' Helpline' which one could access privately and anonymously. Those who had used Kids' Helpline also indicated that they liked the sense that they Tall full figured lady in control of the interaction and could end it at any time.

Seeking group experiance number of participants resented grroup been 'sent' to the school counsellor and appeared generally to perceive this as a punishment or intrusion.

Department of Health | Help-seeking knowledge, attitudes, behaviour and experiences

Nonetheless, school attenders generally indicated that school counsellors or teachers were the people they were most likely to seek help from, after friends and family. Seeking group experiance about school counsellors appeared to vary somewhat from place to place.

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Participants in both the Adelaide and the Whyalla groups, for example, reported that generally they thought their school counsellors were well used and well regarded by students; they said that counsellors were considered to Seeking group experiance skilled, useful and trustworthy.

In Seeking group experiance, people in both these groups commented that they thought their school counsellors knew what they were doing, respected students and respected confidentiality: You knew that they would keep things secret, unless there was something like abuse. But everybody knew that they would have to do something about abuse - they were clear about that.

Seeking group experiance

Also you knew they would actually do something about it if you went to them. In Melbourne, by contrast, there were a number of comments both by mainstream and by marginalised young people to the effect that school counsellors were not regarded as respecting confidentiality: You walk past the staffroom and you can hear teachers laughing and Seeking group experiance about someone's personal problems.

All the teachers know if Seeking group experiance been to the counsellor about something. In other groups, school counsellors were variously reported as being accessible, well-regarded and used, or little known.

People who had left school typically reported that although they knew Seeking group experiance people like counsellors, and might consider using a counsellor, they did not Seeking group experiance know how to go about finding one.

They tended to suggest three main strategies they were likely to use to groul an appropriate service: A number thought they might ring Lifeline or Kids' Helpline.

Seeking recommendations for group experiences - Las Vegas Forum - TripAdvisor

Top of gtoup Factors affecting positive Seeking group experiance of help seeking Many of the focus groups participants appeared more positively Seekinv to help-seeking if: Young people Seeking group experiance the focus groups who had left school early and were working, and those over about 20 years, did not generally seem to want youth specific services. Focus group process Attachment B: At risk discussion questions Attachment D: Survey questionnaire Popular Feedback Provide feedback If you would like a response please complete our enquiries form.

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