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Morning car fun or hotel play

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I woke up feeling, as usual, crappy. Having brain injuries makes life much less pleasurable than I have enjoyed Morning car fun or hotel play the past. Sleeping is a nice escape from the everyday grind but waking is usually pure hell. This day was no different. He had other questions which I was able to slowly answer. Heather is off work from teaching school. By world standards, 9: Heather had other plans. She snuggled up behind me and started spooning while Morning car fun or hotel play my face, head, and chest with her hand.

I was feeling sexually neglected. Heather feels it more hoyel I do. As she snuggled up, I was trying not to enjoy the sensations of her fingers lightly running over my face, head, chest, arms, and stomach.

I fhn onto my back and she accommodated me putting my arm around her. As I lie there enjoying the light touch of her fingers, I found my hand exploring her back under her pajamas.

She calls it tickling.

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Suddenly she was rubbing at the top of my athletic shorts my pajamas of choiceand then a few fingers slipped just under the elastic.

My disposition brightened a bit but I still had doubts she would progress any further.

Even though her fingers Morning car fun or hotel play on the outside of my shorts, her fingers were suddenly running the length of my soft penis. Her touch was light which is how I love it. I felt a tingling but, again, tried to defy those feelings not wanting to be disappointed when she suddenly announced she had things to do and stopped.

I began having hope for getting some action.

I slipped my hand under the elastic of her PJ bottom and began rubbing her ass. She responded by moving her fingers down my leg below my shorts, slipping her hand up under and running her fingernails directly on my stiffening member. Within a few minutes, I was rock hard and no longer caring that she knew I was enjoying it.

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I moaned my delight as I continued kneading her sweet ass cheeks. She suddenly stopped, rolled away from me, hooked her thumbs in the elastic of her PJ bottoms and panties and slid them down her long legs. She tossed them on the floor, sat up and removed her top.

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It was time for me to get involved. I rolled over toward her, tucked my right arm under her neck, so we were now facing each other. Heather reached for my hardened cock as I explored her soft, bare skin with my left hand. I started at her hip and slowly ran my hand up her side, past her breast up to her face.

I cupped her cheek in my palm, my fingers running behind her ear into her hair, and pulled Pussy at 81635 zip code in for a soft kiss. Our lips parted allowing our tongues to slow dance. I moved my hand down and gave her nipple a light squeeze. She gasped and her hand moved Morning car fun or hotel play my cock to my hand to pull my fingers away.

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She Mornnig like her nipples tweaked but the first one always startles Morning car fun or hotel play. My hand began rubbing and exploring again and soon I was playing with the soft, nappy hair above her pussy. I tugged them lightly then rubbed the sting away. I moved closer to her promised land but slid my fingers to the side to avoid contact with her clit. My middle finger found her opening. She was already leaking moisture on her outside lips. I slipped my finger in just enough to coat the tip with her juices then back out to smear it around her opening, making my caresses smooth and lubricated.

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I slipped my finger back inside a bit further and felt the spongy softness of her G-Spot. Her head tilted back and she began cooing her soft moans as I lightly rubbed and massaged inside her.

Hotfl more I lightly massaged her G-Spot, the wetter she became. Eventually, I inserted my ring finger and used both the to alternately massage her.

Here and there, I would withdraw and rub my wet fingers on her clit. With her right hand, she would grab my hand and push my fingers harder on her clit. With her left hand, of had a firm grasp on my cock.

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She was on her back. I was lying facing her with my left leg across her legs. My cock was resting on her thigh as she rubbed me. As I continued inserting my fingers in her ever increasing moist pussy, she continued stroking my hard cock. As I continued rubbing her G-Spot, she continued moaning while her juices flowed freely.

I began moving my fingers a bit faster, listening to the squishy sounds coming from her drenched pussy. My cock continued leaking pre-cum on her leg.

Morning car fun or hotel play

Morning car fun or hotel play

I slowly removed my fingers and followed the flow down between her pussy and butthole and across her anus. She surprised me when she moaned as I rubbed around her pussy juice soaked asshole.

I took advantage by slowly slipping my index finger back into her pussy while slowly sliding my middle finger shallowly into her ass. As I rubbed her G-Spot lightly I withdrew my finger from her ass.

I rubbed around the outside of her anus as I continued with my attention on Morning car fun or hotel play G-Spot. I slowly re-entered her ass a bit deeper, withdrew again, and re-inserted to my middle knuckle.

Normally she would have been giving me the stink-eye by now. Her head was still thrown back, eyes closed, while she moaned her pleasure. I started moving quicker, finger fucking her cunt with my index finger, and asshole with my middle finger.

;lay continued stroking my cock and moaning her pleasure.

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As I started to position myself, Heather instinctively brought her hand to her mouth to wet her fingers so she could apply a bit of moisture to her pussy.

I slowly slid out until my head Morning car fun or hotel play completely clear then slowly pushed back in. I supported my upper body with my hands under her armpits so I could watch my cock slowly disappear inside her then reappear. I moved my hands and lowered my upper body fully on hers.

Morning car fun or hotel play I Look Real Sex Dating

Our mouths found each other and we Morning car fun or hotel play with passion. I pushed my tongue deep into her mouth as I pushed my cock inside her cunt. I l ove when your pussy is flowing. I reached down between our bodies and wrapped my fingers around my cock. She was so wet and slippery. As I fucked her, I started stroking my cock, which, in turn, caused my fingers to enter her along with my cock.

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I was fucking her with my cock and my index and middle fingers. She seemed to enjoy me finger fucking her asshole earlier so I slid my ring finger in her ass.

She again threw her head back and moaned as I double fucked her ass with one finger, hohel her cunt with my cock and two other fingers.

I was ready to Morning car fun or hotel play just thinking about being so close to ass fucking my wife, a long time fantasy.

Our daughter Morning car fun or hotel play at the door wanting a ride to work and neither of us had turned the lock. I pulled my hand away from her genitals and began the search for our blanket just in case she opened the door.

I tried to keep it going but this damn Beautiful ladies looking nsa Spokane with its injuries has a mind of its own. Within about 2 minutes, I was soft. She finished and she was out the door. Our daughter only works about a mile from home.

I popped my pills then grabbed my phone to check my Facebook feed while she was gone. When she returned, I got up and started the shower. She soon joined me and started shampooing my head not much hair up there to shampoo. I love how she runs her fingernails though my … scalp. She also shampoos my face and beard. After I rinsed the shampoo, she picked up the soap and started lathering my body.

When she reached my cock, she was happily surprised that it was flying half-staff. She started Morning car fun or hotel play me and soon I was hard as a rock. She turned me around to wash my back and ass. She knows I love her finger in my ass and she never disappoints inserting her finger and giving me a wonderful, but short, prostate massage and a good reach around with her other hand.

Heather and I have fucked in the shower many times. With my back and knee issues, I have a hard time being able to stand long enough to do the job right. After a couple of pushes into my ass, I could wait no longer.