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When we were leaving I took my normal left turn onto Simler Boulevard. My father remembered "a Simler" so to continue the tour I stopped by the main entrance of the base where there was a monument to Meet nice women Parnamirim George B. SimlerCommander, Air Training Command. After reading the monument he said he thought this was the Major who he was shot Meet nice women Parnamirim with.

We went to the base library, did some research and we confirmed it Parnamitim the same man. That evening we all sat in Medt rented mobile home and my dad told us the whole story of his last mission. It was a great father-son moment. I would like to know if there is any other information available about Parnamiirm aircraft; i.

I recall Simler named his plane after his wife, she had an uncommon name, and I've failed to find any reference to her on the Internet. I am Ladies wants casual sex Amo hoping that you may be able to put me in contact with George B. Simler V who left a posting on 25Dec Also, any information about photos that may include my dad will be appreciated and surely bring a smile to my mother's face.

During one period of time we had a 2nd Lt assigned to the crew also named Andy Anderson. Is he related to the Andy Anderson B pilot? Mice so, is he still living? I wondered if he would remember any of the B moments Meet nice women Parnamirim the crew of Captain John Herberg.

Thompson's aircraft was hit by flak and 2nd Lt. Frank Evanickthe bombardier was killed when a fragment penetrated his compartment. With the co-pilot wounded and severe damage to the hydraulics and rudder and elevators, the plane returned to Rivenhall and landed safely. During the mission of May 24th against the well defended harbour at Dieppe his aircraft was hit in the main fuel tank Naughty ladies looking casual sex Manitowoc other parts, but he pressed on with the attack.

His right tyre had also been punctured which caused some anxious moments when landing at Rivenhall. Thompson was in trouble again two days later on Meet nice women Parnamirim 26th when attacking the Luftwaffe airfield at Chartres.

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One of his engines began running rough soon after turning away from the target and he had to feather the propeller. Three of the Mustang Meet nice women Parnamirim kept him company on the two hour flight back, on a single engine, and he landed safely at Rivenhall. Cliff made 40 missions in Lassie Come Home. On the plane's 41st mission, he was assigned to other duties, and another crew took the plane.

Sadly, Meet nice women Parnamirim Lassie Come Home nor any of the crew came home that time. Following 62 missions, Major Thompson was re-assigned to the States to train B pilots. The stories and information about Meet nice women Parnamirim, planning, bomb runs, life in captivity, and what the Marauder Men did once they returned home were very interesting and informative.

Please keep telling your stories to your children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren. My wife's father, John Hartman, was a B tail-gunner we think and was shot down a number of times, we think Live sex dating discreet Atkinson Nebraska Germany once.

We're sure of the Bomb Group and Squadron. We know very little as he didn't talk about it much when he was alive. Any history, friends, stories or fellow crewmen would be Naughty women want real sex Akron appreciated.

We would just like to know more. Thank you, in advance. Erdman Meet nice women Parnamirim BG Sq. My Bomber was named Truman's Folly note: Yes, I remember Sgt. Cassano, jogged my memory a little. Never did thank him enough for the great job he did taking care of Truman's Folly. Do you Meet nice women Parnamirim his phone number? Would like very much to talk to him. Crouchman, th BG historian - attached you will find that what happened to the th.

This happened to take place just west to southwest of Walcheren Island.

Meet nice women Parnamirim am researching the air and sea-war at and over the Dutch Islands. The chain of former islands in the southwest of Holland.

My research is done on a Meet nice women Parnamirim to day base and so I arrived at the point where I believe I could use some help from a dedicated historian and hence my request. What I need is a summary of how the th. Experienced this mission something like Mr. Chester Klier has done with Paramirim th diary of missions.

Would it be possible to provide such details as to make this history more complete than otherwise feasible? I am always ready and willing to co-operate and provide assistance. What a wonderful site. I am friends with Fred. Any information about reunions, or people who want to contact Fred can email me. Thank you again for this truly inspirational site.

Buried in the American Ardennes cemetery? My uncle was pilot of a B I understand and his headstone indicates he belonged to the Bomb squadron, bomb group. No surviving family members exist to fill me in. Paine Second Lieutenant, U. Air Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster http: My dad, Captain Harry T. Meet nice women Parnamirim know he controlled Ps and 51s, but Meet nice women Parnamirim don't know if he also had responsibilities relating to Bs. I have heard that he occasionally helped Bs that couldn't make it back to their bases find friendly landings.

I hadn't started my quest with any knowledge of the role Bs had in close ground support - but am learning as I go. And if so - where could I find more information regarding what contributions my fathers group might have made. Great to know there are still folks out there keeping the stories and the history alive. Any expanded information on my Dad's role for the B pilots would be of great interest and appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any info. Allen Wright Stephens Wives seeking sex tonight AL Uriah 36480 Group: Would like Branson swingers club susie swingers end Follifoot know Years in Meet nice women Parnamirim Army Aviation Cadet Program?

Allen Wright Stephens, is going to have a 90th Birthday party on Oct. If you enter his name on line, you will find information on him, principally his diary of his experiences, quoted by Stephen Ambrose. He was married to the late Arlene Stephens, also in service. I would like to invite all who might Meet nice women Parnamirim to participate to send him greetings.

I would also like to know more about the th bomb group, such as which insignia would have been his and anything that would be of graphic interest since I am a scrap booker and would like to make him a memory book, hence the greetings and memorabilia. I believe he is a member of the Marauder Association and perhaps an officer as well?

Thank you for any assistance you can provide me; I know it would also be appreciated by my uncle who remains proud of his marauder days.

Linda Stephens Collins Date: A picture of the aircraft shows no readable serial number or squadron code. The area was liberated by that time and since crew seemed to be accounted for, no MACR was filed. The mishap is not Meet nice women Parnamirim as a "normal" accident either, according to the AAIR database. It therefore seems to have gotten Meet nice women Parnamirim trouble during an operational mission.

France and Belgium, but this sets the date a few days later then the presumed date of the forced landing. Any help is greatly appreciated. Any information about Maj. Stach would be appreciated. Stach was with rd BG th BS. Their base at D-day was Earls Colne north of London. From the book "Marauder Men" by John O. Well-directed, intense 20 MM Meet nice women Parnamirim 40 MM antiaircraft fire was encountered with the Group losing one aircraft, that of Maj. Six parachutes were seen, suggesting that Maj.

Stach Wangaratta girl fucking in with his aircraft and tried to to belly it in. Rumor soon reached the Group that Maj. Sexy done bergamo tailgate survived the crash but was shot by the Germans when he refused to cooperate with them during interrogation.

The Story of the 9th Bombardment Division. It's printed in Paris, and last date mentioned in text is February 22nd While approaching his bomb run at feet through intense light flak, his Marauder was hit by a series of bursts which knocked out his left engine.

Nevertheless, Meet nice women Parnamirim continued his bomb run. The left engine burst into flames. More flak started another fire in the bomb bays. Stach held his plane in formation until his bombs were away, enabling the remainder of his formation to bomb.

He continued to hold his plane straight and level until his crew bailed out. He attempted to escape as the plane nosed downward, struck the earth and exploded. His parachute had not opened. Best regards Alf Egil Johannessen Date: After searching for lineage of the 73rd Bomb Squadron it brought me to your website.

You and your team have done a wonderful job compiling stories and Meet nice women Parnamirim of the B and her Women seeking real sex Tellico Plains. As the squadron historian I was looking for any kind of 73rd history I can get my hands on. Any kind of information and pictures would be Meet nice women Parnamirim. If you know of anyone who might have served in that squadron I would love to email or call them.

And keep up the great work for the B Marauders. Bomb Group provisional Meet nice women Parnamirim Elmendorf, Alaska. It operated against the Japanese in the Aleutians from 4th June More details to come Sincerely, Trevor Allen historian b My father was in the first class at Del Rio for B pilot training. I just found your great sight last week. My father and Buck were in the first class at Del Rio for B pilot training and tent mates in France.

My parents spent the first few days of their honeymoon in Oct. He considered that his hardest mission and my mother said if she could make it through that, she could make it through anything with him. His Meet nice women Parnamirim crew were R. My mother kept all his letters from the time he entered the service until his discharge in and had them bound into a book, Dearest Sylvia which she gave him upon his return. He also has a bound photo album of pictures from Meet nice women Parnamirim war including a few service men from his squadron.

Bob is 90 and pretty frail but would like to talk to Michele. I have a copy of his obituary. My father kept in touch with Sarah, his widow until she died a few years ago. Sarah and her son visited us when I was about 2 and I visited them in He was stationed in Corsica last half of I notice his name is on the th Roster.

monnuage: voyages, activités, choses que faire et où dormir

I believe he may have flown a mission or two with the th. He died in March Can anyone tell me if they knew him or know someone who might? Why would his name would be on the th Roster? Thank You, Jonathan J. Well, a lot of changes have happened to the airfield here since then, and although there is still some farming, most of the airfield is now a thriving active area, with a hole golf and country club, including a hotel, swimming pool, indoor tennis courts and a gym, and also there is a large business park at the western end Meet nice women Parnamirim the airfield which provides employment to over local people.

If you are interested to find out more for your members I would be more than happy to provide you with photo's of the airfield Meet nice women Parnamirim it is now I have attached a few for your interest and send them to you in a CD-Rom. Also, my mother has compiled a short history of the airfield Meet nice women Parnamirim we took it over which I can send Meet nice women Parnamirim you if you would like.

The main reason for me contacting you now is that we decided to commission a memorial to all those who served here during the second world war, and it has now been finished and put in place beside Meet nice women Parnamirim first tee on our golf course here, so that when golfers come to play here, some from all over Europe they can pause to reflect on the history of the airbase.

I thought that you would like to let your members know this at your reunion next month. Also, we are preparing a much larger memorial to be displayed at the entrance to the airfield, and this will be ready in about 6 month's time, unfortunately I don't have an artists impression to Meet nice women Parnamirim you, but will keep you updated if you wish.

You can find out a little more about us on our website www. Pilot Robert Bob Mims was shot down in He took the aircraft Meet nice women Parnamirim and survived the crash-landing. He was able Fuck slut tonight Stafford discrete milfs in ct exit the aircraft and ran for cover. He, and crew member, John Brushwere captured separately and spent about 15 months in a stalag in Russia near the Caspian Sea.

Mims would like to contact John Brush, his best friend. Brush was originally from Washington state and was known to have lived in Florida. If anyone knows John Brush, or knows where he is, we would appreciate any information you can provide. I will see to it that Mims gets the information. Meet nice women Parnamirim is nothing more I would love than to be able to give him this information at the d's annual reunion.

Thank you all for the courage and love for America you demonstrated when you were oh-so-young and defending our freedom. The 2nd generation Heritage Flight members will not forget you and we are now teaching the 3rd and 4th generations the history and importance of the Marauder in WWII.

The reunion was held in St. Reunion dates - September, ; Location: Sheraton-Clayton Plaza Hotel, St. The staff of the Housewives want sex Carter Lake Museum are very excited about meeting these Marauder men because they are the first WWII group of veterans to visit the Looking for a part time boyfriend. The staff have planned many opportunities to honor these men and have arranged for the group along with families and guests to have a private meeting with a survivor of the Dachau concentration camp.

Anyone who wants more information about the reunion can contact me via the Guest Book. If you live near St. Louis and cannot attend the planned Meet nice women Parnamirim, we invite you to join us Meet nice women Parnamirim the hospitality suite for a glass of your favorite brew. Anheuser Busch is sending over a bunch of its best Bud and Michelob!

Schlafly Brewery is doing the same. Snacks and beverages on us. The stories are on you. My Father has recently passed away at 82 yrs and told Meet nice women Parnamirim little of his war years. Now that we have lost him I am curious to hear from anyone who new him and of the years he kept so secret. One of which was Irving Pincus. John asked for more information but left no contact information. Thanks, -Josh Pincus Date: Back in January I asked a question about my Uncle.

This is Jim Stevens response: A was the airfield the th bomb group was operating out of during Dec. The airfield was in Clastres, France, near St. If Frank Johnson was lost in Dec. The th lost six planes on that day. My father was a pilot in the th during that time, but he does not recall Frank Johnson. Jim Stevens, son of Joe Stevens,pilot. To Jim Stevens, Joe Stevens Meet nice women Parnamirim other members of the th. My apologies but I've believed, for the past 55 years, that my uncle had kept his biological father's name and did not take his adoptive father's last name Porter.

Hence, I've been looking for Frank Johnson. I'm interested in any information regarding Frank C. I'm interested in the name of the plane, photos and I'd love Meet nice women Parnamirim hear from anyone who knew him.

I Am Want Real Swingers Meet nice women Parnamirim

I don't know much about what he was like as a young man and soldier. Here's a list of the crew he was with on that last mission. Lt Wayne W Church, killed; 2. I'm also interested in more detail about nce happened since it looks like two members of the crew, Dunkan and Bort, made it out alive.

I must say, I'm very impressed with the level of work and research that's PParnamirim done on this web site and the care folks give to answering My pussy lips in abingdon virginia usa Meet nice women Parnamirim.

Ten years ago it never even occurred to me that I could find so much information. Thanks again, Ken Porter Date: I posted a similar Pafnamirim back in February but was hoping with the recent B26 Meet nice women Parnamirim in Dayton, that someone Parnamurim might be checking. Ryan Deceased 9 August Bomb Group: If anyone remembers Sgt. His crew was as follows: Is there somewhere I can post some detailed information Meet nice women Parnamirim I may be able to make contact with other fellow Squadron 21 soldiers.

I know that he would be overwhelmed if I could make contact with anyone of them.

Meet nice women Parnamirim

He lost his farm in Zimbabwe two years ago and now resides and relies solely on me his daughter. Little Rock girls from Little Rock horny would like to bring a little light to his life! Any info would be greatly appreciated! Regards, Deb Meet nice women Parnamirim Date: I have a good knowledge of his history and was very close to him, I just wanted to know if there's anyone still out there that flew with him or have any knowledge of his days in WWII.

He was in Meet nice women Parnamirim th bombardment squadron, bombardment group, and flew Meet nice women Parnamirim Europe from, I believe, Let me know if you have any information.

Thank you, Scott T Piippo Date: Hinton, pilot "Ollie-L" BombGp: I just came across the following posting from and wonder if Steve nicd still looking for information. Chuck Hinton Date: He was the crew chief on the "Ollie-L". I'm looking for information or persons of the th Parnxmirim. He Fullerton swingers uk since past and while he was alive he did not like Parnamirjm talk about the war. Any help Meet nice women Parnamirim be greatly Meet nice women Parnamirim.

Hayes served with the th bomb squadron, Mee bomb group. Austin Roberts Bomb Group: Seeking information on my uncle Lt. Anyone with any recollections please contact me. Many thanks in Parnsmirim, Mike Roberts Date: I spent all of my service ministering to crews of the th Bomb Squadron and worked with Captain Glenn Judson who passed away in I responded to the crash as a medic and recovered three bodies of soldiers returning wlmen Germany from a clandestine mission.

I'd like to hear from former squadron members. I am trying to find information on my Uncle Willard's plane. Nicce I know is that around May they were on a mission over I think Berlin! My uncle's plane was hit by a bomb dropped by a plane above his plane.

The plane he was on was the Ms. I think the pilot was Marion Reid. This was my grandfather's brother and he was telling me this story before he died 2 years ago and I thought I would look into it. Wives wants hot sex Lester had Parnnamirim other brothers in the war my grandfather was Manley Christensen and brothers were Willard, Tony and Olie.

Tony got drafted but his Wives looking sex NY South road 12601 was expecting so Willard went in his place so it was always a touchy subject around them and they would not talk about it so now that there gone we are struggling to find out exactly there missions and where they were.

Can you help me find information ncie the mission and what happened to the Ms. Thompson, Pilot Bomb Group: Recently, I discovered B It was devastating to receive only his Separation Report with a statement from National Personnel that Cliff's records were destroyed in the St. I had not known that, nor did his daughters or nephews. We feel a great Meet nice women Parnamirim in not having his DFC Citation and in not knowing the reason for his receiving it.

I realize that there may be few living who would remember Cliff, but Fuck moms in Twin Hills al would so grateful if anyone could tell us something of his combat record.

Thanks for any reply - and God Bless B If the matter is interesting to you too, contact me please. Joseph B Doyle Bomb Group: June Graduation Class: The information above is almost all I know of Meet nice women Parnamirim grandfather, who I was named for. I know he served with a B squadron based in England during June of as an intelligence officer.

During the first week of June he flew between Meet nice women Parnamirim and ten missions as a gunner. He would have been nive his Pafnamirim at the time woken had served in the Air Corps during WWI as well. He once told my father he was helping train pilots in Florida Parnsmirim being Meet nice women Parnamirim as an intelligence officer. If anyone has any information about him I would be very Meet nice women Parnamirim to learn more Meet nice women Parnamirim him. My own father passed when I was nicf small child and had told my mother little of what he knew of his father.

I request additional information. Thank you for your service and your help. Nels would like to hear from Erdman D. Nels would also like to hear from Robert L Sprague, another pilot that flew missions in the rd and many in the Truman's Folly. Of particular interest is Mr. Nelson, Ladies looking nsa CA Lost hills 93249 bombardier, who flew in the right seat Mwet times until it was time for him to crawl into the nose to release his bombs.

Many pilots Parnamirm the rd bomb squadron flew combat missions without co-pilots. Nels would like to hear from any crew member or Meet nice women Parnamirim descendant, that flew in Truman's Folly.

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Lady want nsa Emmet It did not explode on impact but exited above the rear gunners Good in bed for fucking northwest Magdeburg and exploded there killing the tail gunner, Sgt Gunnels, and severely damaging the stabilizer controls.

Capt Petrisek landed at a British airfield near Ancona. Sadly, this was Sgt. Gunnels last combat mission prior to Meet nice women Parnamirim to the USA. I am adding your excellent Douglas A Invader images to b Also personal records, diaries, memories, pictures of Vets and their families would be appreciated. I am having an exhibition for this day of Liberation and would like to remember the special contribution of Allied Forces, in collaboration with the City Council of Cavarzere.

I appreciated your time and attention to this request and thank you for your consideration. The B26s came into our formation when the Messerschmitts appeared in Italy and saved the day for us. We have looked for those Marauder Men a long time. If anyone knows any of those crew members we would appreciate helping us. We already lost three members of our crew over the target they jumped.

We had wounded aboard and a feathered engine and one with only some power. We headed south as we had no navigator and threw out all the ammo to lighten the plane as we were losing altitude. Any help would be Meet nice women Parnamirim as we tried for years to find them to thank them. We know that maybe they were our flyers but they could have been Australians or South Africans as they flew Meet nice women Parnamirim planes also.

Our plane was the lady in the dark and their navigator took us to P47 base but we all had to Meet nice women Parnamirim as the plane was too damaged to get the gear down the hydraulics was shot out and the manual did not work.

Any help at all will certainly be appreciated.

Hugh Morton Bomb Group: NA Years in service: I am writing this for my late father, Hugh Morton. He mentioned that later in the War he talked to a few of his former "top turret" pupils Meet nice women Parnamirim had been in action when they passed back through the area. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who may have been through this training site, whether or not they remember my father, as I would like to learn more about it. I have not been able to find any information on this training site on the Internet.

He told me that the fellow who trained him Meet nice women Parnamirim the job had just returned from a Housewives seeking nsa Bass River stint in Trinidad, and that another instructor was from northern Indiana, maybe Fort Wayne.

They must have done some bombardier training there also, as he remembered armed guards for the Norden bombsights on the premises. Thanks, Hugh Morton Jr.

Many thanks to Mr. Jack White for allowing B Reust served with the th Bomb Group during WW2. Does anyone remember him? Would you be so kind as to tell me how to do that? When I looked you up and e-mailed you that one question I had known about uncle Daniel's service in the th BS for almost a whole day. I have known all of my life that he was in the Army AAF. In the 90's I started to investigate the military history of my family. I started with my grandfathers Starting with the ones I knew the most Meet nice women Parnamirim and working my way down to the ones I knew the least about and the last one to complete my family military history is uncle Daniel.

In the Meet nice women Parnamirim span of about a year I went from knowing only that he was in the AAF Married lady wants sex tonight Cape Girardeau WW2 to learning he was a B waist gunner and assistant engineer from an old letter he wrote to his brother just after a B he was in disintegrated in mid-air over South Carolina in on a training mission.

I found a copy of the accident report and it stated that AC belonged to the th BS th BG so I got a copy of Older seeking Pittsburgh Pennsylvania unit's war diary I found the VA hospital where he died and even longer story Bochum senior sex, got a copy of his discharge papers.

When the papers arrived the first thing I noticed was the unit he was assigned to was the th BS. Now I understand why nobody at the th could remember him in any other situation besides the accident. Just hours after I discovered this If I dig up anything I will forward everything Meet nice women Parnamirim you because I Meet nice women Parnamirim hell bent Meet nice women Parnamirim family military history will not be lost in Looking for a lady to text me mist of time.

Thank you, Russell Ferguson Date: One of the few With sticks and glue Who learned to tame the sky. Sent in by a Marauder Man Date: I was embarrassed to read President Clinton and members of Congress have said the older generation must learn to sacrifice as other generations have done. As a Navy veteran and Purple Heart recipient, I knew eventually someone would ferret out our dirty little secret. My grandfather, John H.

He passed away several years ago, but I do remember loving to listen to all of his stories about what he did during the war when I was younger. One story was about him being shot down by German anti-aircraft, I think it based outside of Paris, when returning from a bombing run over Germany. It was June 12, I remember him telling me his plane and crew mates were badly shot up over occupied France.

Most of his mates were so badly injured that they could not get themselves out of the plane on their own and would die for sure when the plane crashed. So as the plane was going down he was forced to push some his crew mates out and rigged their chutes to go off as they left the plane.

I remember him telling me Meet nice women Parnamirim though they would land Meet nice women Parnamirim occupied France full of Germans it was their best Meet nice women Parnamirim of surviving the wounds.

He could only hope they would be found by the Germans and Meet nice women Parnamirim the medical care they needed. Once he got the last mate out he could jump out himself. On the ground, as he said, he played cat and mouse with the Germans - with the aid of a few days with French family. After a few days of this he eventually ended up being quartered by another French family some where out side of Meet nice women Parnamirim Havre France where he stayed from June August 28 At that time he said to a Dutch Officer, "Here I am.

I am an American". His story goes on to Naughty wives want sex Caguas Puerto Rico he was able to visit his plane's crash site and the last resting places of all his crewmates and wrote the families and told them what he could.

What I would like to know is, does anyone have any more information about other missions my grandfather was on or just more information about his unit?

If you would like I could show you what I have about my grandfather, I have one or two after action reports. Look forward to hearing from you. Zabinskiwho was killed in Europe in early I'm looking for AAF. An eyewitness description of the loss is as follows: I Meet nice women Parnamirim 7IM Lt. It exploded immediately in mid air and went down in a sheet of flame off my right wing and disappeared from sight at about 11, feet.

Other crew members saw it hit the ground and no chutes were seen. In addition to my great-uncle, these men were: Ancil Ross Williams, Jr. Looks like a quote from me picked up from de-briefing. He also flew in Boston's and Blenheim Seeking longterm romance intimacy prier to the Marauder in fall of Information by his son.

I believe that he was on the Bad Penny crew when it crashed - I will ask him. He was a B pilot attached to the nd group, th squadron. He was shot down over France and sent to Stalag Luft 1. He does not have a computer but would like to get in Meet nice women Parnamirim with Him Harney or Jack Seale.

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He also talked about his roommates: I am trying to find anyone with the crew load lists Meet nice women Parnamirim Dec. My dad was an enlisted bombardier with the rd. He flew with Lt Dunn until Dec. Dunn was injured on the 2nd mission and my dad moved into another crew for the 23rd mission. This is a copy of the citation Meet nice women Parnamirim dad received for the 23rd mission as provided by Trevor Allen: The commendation for the mission on the 23rd December was the Arhweiler mission when the group nce 16 planes.

When fighter escort did not arrive at the nie rendezvous, the aircraft in which S.

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Meet nice women Parnamirim Hartwell was serving as bomb togglier, continued on over an area of intense anti-aircraft fire enroute to the objective. Hartwell remained in the exposed nose position to pinpoint the course, and although the object was not identified on the first bombing run because of snow covering the terrain, a second was executed. Hartwell calmly released the bombs on the object with ncie. His courage, airmanship and devotion to duty in the face of great danger on this operation are Meet nice women Parnamirim keeping with the high tradition of the service.

Entered military service from New Jersey. I am searching for information about my grandfather. If anyone knows any names of the crew men, aircraft info, pics, or other stories I would greatly appreciate it.

In late the 95th BS lost 4 Marauders that were shot down over target. There is a memorial site in the small city now where Meet nice women Parnamirim crashed.

I Horny mature women around Innerleithen fl this can be helpful to your further research. Three planes are possible candidates, and there are two MACR available. An unknown newspaper article about his death said the following: Joos, 75, died Thursday at his home in Coulterville. Major Joos was born in San Francisco. Heuton memorial chapel is in charge of arrangements.

Karen Winkler Fragassi Date: The first plane was Truman's Folly which was later changed to Scars and Gripes. Co pilots were Edgar B. Lupfer and William Curnane. I remember Thomas Galvin too. Stewart Ladies wants sex Crosslake Bomb Group: Arrived in England prior to D Day.

Nelson and Owen A. The enlisted crew was Parnamirrim W. I have only recently began doing some digging into my Meet nice women Parnamirim WWII activities. The only members of his crew that nie left are Owen Lansdowne and himself.

As I scan the different websites, the th does not have a lot of entries. Most notable are the websites by Frank Paul Carrozza' sons. He was also in the th BS. I'm looking for womn and anything that will enhance my understanding of the B26 crews, but I do have a special interest in the th and particular focus on the th as that was who my Meet nice women Parnamirim flew with. If anyone has anything they know or could share, I would really appreciate it.

Perhaps you have already encountered pitfalls Meet nice women Parnamirim your research and I could learn from your experience.

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Meet nice women Parnamirim Maybe as I get down the way, I'll be able to add to someone else's experience. Thanks - David Stewart Date: We flew a new B G to England using the Southern route in We had an Shag someone tonight in chelmsford crew member on board experienced in over water navigation. I am searching for his name. Can you give me any help with this activity? Meet nice women Parnamirim have attached a picture of the B that we flew over.

The Meet nice women Parnamirim art was not on the B when we flew it over seas. Also a picture of my crew after a mission over Germany in I am 2nd from the right. Soon, the roar of two thousand horse-power engines deafened the senses as 72 airplanes awoke and began moving along the taxiways.

Each aircraft arrived at the end of the Meet nice women Parnamirim runway in proper sequence to join the circling formation above the field. White, for helping us tell the story of Marauder Men!

Jack Laydon Meet nice women Parnamirim he also posted 31 "nose art" pictures from the st Bomber Group. I would very much like to ask Mr. Laydon if he can confirm that the nose art picture of "Miss Behavin" he posted on the guest page is ; the same th Squadron B that was piloted by 1st Lt.

Bill Kloepfer and co-piloted by 2nd Lt. Hultin Meet nice women Parnamirim December 23rd, on the Ahrweiler mission.

I would also like to converse directly with Mr. Laydon if he agrees. John Vernal Hultin was my uncle and I am researching Vernal's military service for his son. Any information is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much, Regards, Gary Meet nice women Parnamirim Date: Details are from Right to Left: The mission of June 8, was a high priority target to take out a fuel dump behind the German lines and the crews were asked to attack it at all costs and to go in low if necessary. The weather was bad and only three other aircraft managed to form up on Capt Childress aircraft, they crossed the channel with ever decreasing height due to cloud, they finally attacked the target at approximately feet with good results but at that height the flak was murderous.

Capt Schober flying Women looking for sex in biloxi ms Body" took a direct hit and blew up, all the crew was lost, including Capt John D Root the groups weather officer who went along for the ride. The other three ships returning to base. For his tenacity and leadership Capt Childress was awarded the Silver Star. Many thanks, Alan F Crouchman Date: He was born to Bertha and Lloyd R.

Burdge in Kansas City, Kan. He worked for Associated Engineers from until his retirement in Survivors include a son, Bill; eight grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren. One of the two types of aircraft the unit flew during its contributions to the Aleutian Meet nice women Parnamirim was the B I am interested in contacting any one associated with the unit or the 28th BG or has information on either's history in order to help the reactivating unit establish its historical lineage.

Please forward information to b If you have any contacts from either the 28th or 73rd, I would appreciate those too. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Thank-you for providing this source of information. This site has helped me connect with a number of men who were members of the st Bomb Group. I will have the opportunity to meet members of the st BG who will be holding a gathering in Scottsdale, AZ in mid September this year.

I am looking forward to meeting, talking to, and showing pictures and flight logs that belonged to my dad. The plane shown in most of his Meet nice women Parnamirim is the Scrumptious.

His name was Meet nice women Parnamirim V. Erickson from Lessor, Wisconsin. He died in - long before the members of the Greatest Generation started telling the stories of their lives and activities during WW II. I hope to fill in a great deal of information Parnamkrim my visit to Scottsdale. I just hope the individuals who are there won't mind answering Beautiful couples looking adult dating WA many questions that I have for them.

Those of Meet nice women Parnamirim who were involved in any way with WW II please keep telling your stories and encourage others to start telling about their lives during the war years.

Ncie children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are very interested in those personal history lessons. Thank-you to the members of the Greatest Generation and I hope to meet many of you this fall. Sadly my Dad passed away inbut I remember him going to many annual reunions with his bomb squadron, I have forgotten many of the details etc. If anyone knew my wonderful father and can share some details - it would be wonderful!

Sincerely, Lynn Levoy, daughter of John C. I think he entered the service in and came home in We have a few pictures, but many have been lost in family moves over the years. Pranamirim is now 85 and in a nursing home. I would like to find out as much as is available about his unit and their experiences. I know that from the few pictures we have Pzrnamirim the plan flew missions this number is indicated by bombs painted on the nose and a note on the back of the picture.

These Meet nice women Parnamirim all great, honorable and heroic men. Any information that could be provided is appreciated. Starrwho was part of the th bomb group during WWII. Imagine my surprise when I saw my father's plane, the "Little Sirocco" on the website of Mark Nce, Meet nice women Parnamirim from there I found the thbombgroup. My father died nics cancer in when he was Francis Lee Hunt, Lt. Looking for information on Francis Lee Hunt, 1st Lt. The mission was to Flers Parnamirin I believe he was killed in the inbound leg prior to getting to target area.

Old war dept MMeet to the family upon confirming death about 1 year later states that the aircraft womwn lost at Saint Pierre du Regard, Cherbourg. His son and grandson would like to find the location, if possible, where Meet nice women Parnamirim aircraft went down a farm in this area. The crew was initially buried by locals. They might like to visit the area.

The crew was initially buried on site, then moved to American cemetery in France. Any suggestions on how to get additional information on this person, the aircraft, its loss and Parnzmirim specific location would be appreciated.

Deardorff from the bomb group squadron. I'm a personal friend Chicks wanting sex Messengerville New York NY Chuck died a few years ago. I still talk with his family. I was in the nd and was flying March 24, the day that Deardorff went down. Meet nice women Parnamirim nd put up two 6 ship Flights.

I was in one Medt, Deardorff was in the other. My note on my Mission Sheet for that day says we lost Deardorff. The day before, March 23rd, he and I flew in the same nd Flight. After the war I do recall that Deardorff was reported OK. I don't remember if he visited the Squadron before he went home. Can you put me in touch with Ray Orwig? I appreciate very much what you are doing with B I read it almost daily.

Keeps the Memory bank working. Who are the other men in the picture? On this mission they refueled out and Back at Port Moresby. It is Meet nice women Parnamirim opinion that if Crace was in that position it would have been beyond the range of the B26s of the 22nd bomb group if they flew out from Garbutt field. If you have a record of this event could you please advise me where the B26s womwn stationed and the course womn flew, did they refuel again at Port Moresby Meet nice women Parnamirim the way out and back.

Thanks in anticipation, Glen Parnsmirim Date: I know that he was based near Alexandria for a while and later served in Female independent saltaire fuck daddy and Italy. Do you wimen whether there is a reliable source of information regarding the Marauder squadrons of the SAAF and who served in them? I think Meet nice women Parnamirim was in 24 Squadron, but it may have been 21 Squadron. Lawrence Schirmerwho piloted a B based out of England during the period I believe until mid when he returned to his base in Parhamirim.

During a training mission out of Florida, he and his crew were hit by lightning, killing all aboard. His home was in Sacramento, CA. I did see his name come up on your womeen under the title of 17th. Bomb Group Slides, Dijon, France which is a count carousel slide tray with slides. His is slide 38 that is titled "Schirmer in flight gear. Anyone out there who has any Meet nice women Parnamirim they would be willing to share would Parnamjrim well appreciated.

Best regards, Diane Peterson Date: Villines now deceased was with the 38th Bomb Group, 69th Bomb Squadron and his photo is included on your site. I would like to know if you would like to hear his story. Only once in his life did he ever tell me what happed on that day when B dropped a torpedo at a Japanese aircraft carrier and "scored Mee hit", contrary to some Meet nice women Parnamirim that has been published. Dad's story is a "hair raising" account of heavy AA fire into the cockpit, enemy Zero "strafing" by multiple aircraft, shot-out instruments, being lost at sea and crash landing back at Midway.

The details of this Parnamkrim are amazing. If you would like me to submit the story please let me know, it is lengthy and will require quite a bit of Meeh on my part to get it done. In the meantime, I'm trying to get in touch with my sister who has a lots of Meet nice women Parnamirim including a photo of the crash-landed B I have the original Torpedo release switch from his B Dad removed it from the aircraft just after the "landing".

Meet nice women Parnamirim removed it because his Meet nice women Parnamirim did in fact score a hit on his intended carrier. I have his dog tag numbers and some of his uniform patches.

I was told that he was awarded a "Purple Heart" How wmen I find any information that Adult want nsa Ash Fork Arizona be available?

I would like to know which bomb group and squadron. He passed away in May of He was a B pilot, but Meet nice women Parnamirim spoke much about his career. I'm hoping that there may be some information about the missions he flew European theatre; mostly Germany, I believe ; earlier involvement in Mexico, and as a cadet trainer in Texas. I saw the falling plane and was present Meet nice women Parnamirim the capture of the Pilot James Logsdon.

Logsdon still living please? Tonello - I have been so excited and emotionally charged since receiving your letter regarding my father Girls wanting sex in Lexington Kentucky his final mission. Was this review helpful? Great place to work, however, the site is closing.

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