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Married lonely Colunga

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Vanessa Villanueva Married lonely Colungawife of Chris Perezhas filed Columga divorce. Chris is the widower of Selena. His children, Cassie and Noahare also listed in the litigant inquiry. Of course, there are always two sides to the story. The worst part — he might be finding out about this just like everyone else…right here on latingossip.

You heard it here first! Latin Gossip Vault Next: His face looks so inocent, I really Married lonely Colunga bad for him when Selena was killed in the funeral and all holding the white rose…And now divorce I bet he still misses Selena……mmmmmmm.

She was taken so early in life.

No Friend with benefits maybe 420 knew Selena was going to be killed like Married lonely Colunga expect for the women who pulled the trigger. Yikes, I hear you Wendy, he should have Married lonely Colunga married. Or Vanessa should have known better. I know I would have never married someone that had such a great lost. The reason he is partiing and all that is because he lost his soul mate and no one can take her place….

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Hold on hold Webcam chat with teens from Cokeburg Pennsylvania. They were married for 7 years and together for like No matter what happened its over. She was able to deal with him being on the road for all that Married lonely Colunga. She was distraught when it ended. And just for the record….

You move on with your life when someone you LOVE passes on. That was the type of person Selena was. I feel Venessa and the kids, he should be a man and grow up, everybody needs to sometime in lnely life that also goes with letting things go, sure he will always love selena but when you make a choice Married lonely Colunga make babies or the choice of merriage you need to stick to your guns!

This boy just needs to get over it and Married lonely Colunga being there for his family.

You can tell he has a big heart after what I saw of him after Selena died. May God bless him and his family. For those looking from the outside in, it goes down like this…We wish Venessa the best find yourself a Married lonely Colunga rocker-girl! That Micky Mouse bullshit AB does is for the clueless- sabes a chocalate lol!

Married lonely Colunga

You and your beautiful kids will be fine. It wont be long till the next man comes around. Why does every ignorant person always assume Married lonely Colunga is the issue? Do you even know how long this relationship with his wife has been? Chris and Venessa after 10 years and 2 beautiful children are at a point in their marriage where THEY need to deal with it. Selena was not even dead for a year when he was with her already.

Its time for him Married lonely Colunga move on. Its funny how people are attacking venessa Married lonely Colunga her past as a weapon, people get White male to please ebony it! What happend in the past needs to stay in the past, its none of your business really, and if you want to make harsh insults that just shows how insecure you are and how good it must make you feel to lower someone else.

So get over it, everyone has skeletons in there closet and no one is perfect, so honestly it only makes you look bad throwing low blows like that, get over it! It has nothing to do with Selena nor anyone else, its just something that did not last, it went good for years and unfort.

I am sure you can find ALOT of dirt on many Married lonely Colunga so since you people are good at that why dont you go waste your time on looking up the worst of everyone else.

Oh and for the record, I am on Married lonely Colunga side, Chris was an awsome father and awsome husband, Venessa is a great person, awsome Married lonely Colunga and loving wife. Grow up and get a life! Divorce sucks, but man if I Married lonely Colunga married 2 Chris, I would deal with Colunba him help and take care of my husband, Divorce is not the answer in this case, love is beautiful, without struggles there is no memories to build thru thick n thin in a marriage. Its all about being there Wives looking sex tonight Gatineau Quebec him, if Marfied feels alone cause his a famous person, then no excuse to know what all comes with the package of the relationship…feel me.

Ladies that man is single NOW! But it does suck for the kiddos. Chris is a good man no matter what anyone says. I just read this about Chris and his wife. I feel for Chris. But I have a question, I was told that Chris had a daughter which he name Selena, I Married lonely Colunga like to find out if that is true or not. Well, I believe it is true.

I was told Married lonely Colunga someone that works for her family selling her music.

And I was told that he did have a little girl and he named Married lonely Colunga after Selena. But Selena was such a loving and giving person she would have wanted him to be happy.

In the end…when all is said and done. She knew how Chris was Married lonely Colunga they got married.

Why should he change now? I think Chris has not been able to come to terms with what happened even after all these years. When his second wife hooked up with him, she had to know that he had issues and accepted him the way he was. For whatever reasons, money, fame or just simply love. None of us know what has happened behind closed doors except V and C…. You can analyze until you are blue in the face and still not get the correct theory! Los que mas van a sufrir sobre todo esto son los hijos que ellos tienen entre ellos….

I am speaking for all the people that have lost loved ones, be it thru death, divorce, war, prison, addiction, Married lonely Colunga mental issus. And the one whom chooses to step up and atempt to help the lost lonely hurt souls should be given their kudos. Obviously, this is a very hard place to put yourself in, and I have to Yonkers sex for fat guys that this lady, because I believe after loving someone as awesome of a lady as Selena was and will forever remain in all our eyes, that only a lady would attract Married lonely Colunga.

Now lets all gather our positive energy and say a prayer or two for all o Married lonely Colunga, including the Quintanilla family, Married lonely Colunga they are always drug into all that concerns Chris, because of Selena and because of careing for Chris.

We have enuff ugliness and Beautiful lady seeking real sex Buford in this world without adding such mundane negatie thoughts to bl;urr those that cannot think for themselves. Good luck to both of you and to your two chilkdren.

Vaya Con Dios all. Chris loved Selena with all of his heart and he still loves herbut he needed someone Married lonely Colunga to Married lonely Colunga his love with and be able to have children. I think that it was great that he was able to move on with his life but it is still hard on him that the love of his life and his soul mate was taken away from him to soonthat she was taken away from all of us to soon…I just hope that everything works out with Married lonely Colunga wife and that none of this really hurts the children very badlyand alot of people Beautiful ebony girl comment on Rineyville KY bi horney housewifes should be happy for christhat he finally got to move on and find love again….

Though it must be a difficult task for any female who dates him. The constant reminder of Selena, her music,image and the slap in the face of Jennifer Married lonely Colunga. Who became famous off of selenas passing. Similar to Beyonce knowles from Aliliyah Houghton. I had the honor to see Selena perform in and at the time I knew she would be a name to be hold.

I think Chris had every right to move on, as hard as it is, Selena would not want him to dwell on such a horrific tragedy forever. She would want him to be happy Married lonely Colunga the end and hopefully he will find that happy place. I am calling you a stalker. You probably want her myspace just to pry into her personal life and then get on these websites and tell the world what you think is going on.

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Your not getting it. If there are pictures that end Married lonely Colunga on the internet I would point fingers at Miss JoyceLatina!! You lonrly her privacy!! Hahaha oh please your so dramatic!! Newayz who r u? Damn you should tell that to ALL the other people who talk crap about them, not me!

I think the whole thing is just sad. From Chris losing Selena to this mess. Married lonely Colunga feel the worst for the kids.

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They are in the middle of it. I think that Chris and Venessa are both good people that madbad choices.

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Just like all the rest of us. I do not think it is just to blame one over the other.

They are both guilty in some way I am sure. I dont think its fair for people to say it was okay for Chris to be unfaithful because he lost Selena. Being unfaithful is wrong period. I think that Selena being taken Married lonely Colunga from him in the way she was did and still does affect him.

,onely that does not justify it.