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Ladies do you love oral and want fun I Wants Sex

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Ladies do you love oral and want fun

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(You know who you are) you replied to an ad on anotherbut I could not read your. W4w I am a married Military wife who has two older Children and am seeking for friends, doesn't matter if you are married, alone, son, no son etc.

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Honestly, do girls like to give oral? OK, I am looking for an honest answer here girls.

What I really want to know is if you actually like giving oral sex for yourself. I don't mean that you like it because he likes it, or you like what it does to him, or anything like that.

Ladies do you love oral and want fun

Do you actually like it? And if so, why? Let me tell you what I Let me tell you what I mean, so you can answer it better. Now it is true that I love what oral sex Ladies do you love oral and want fun to a woman. I love how it makes her feel, how she moans lightly and tenses up, I love how her fingers run through my hair, and then dig in when it's good.

I love everything about a woman's labia and vagina. I think it's the most Horny Brazil girls thing in the world.

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I love how anv feels and tastes. I like to caress the outside of her labia with my fingers, blowing softly on her clit, teasing her until her hips are moving with anticipation.

I love to look at it as I gently rub her with my fingers, moving her wetness up to her clit. I love how she Ladiex, all swollen with desire and glistening. I love to kiss it first, gently, and then slowly lick her labia and clit, and teasingly bite them.

I suck her clit between my lips and flick it with my tongue. I suck it harder, then release it and aand my tongue around her clit. As I am doing this, my fingers find her wet vagina. I slowly penetrate her and pump her softly as I lick faster and faster with my tongue.

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She is usually arching her back by this point, panting, and moaning uncontrollably, then she shudders and climaxes. And of course then I Lacies love to her, and she wants it harder and harder, as I have yoi brought her to an incredible level of desire and arousal. She gets the deepest and most intense orgasms when I start with good oral sex. I obviously love giving oral, because I love doing it. It turns me on.

Do you women actually like to give oral for yourselves? Do you see an erection and get excited about sucking on it? Do you crave Ladies do you love oral and want fun Or is it wabt you would be fine without doing? My GF doesn't really understand why I love to give her oral. She likes when I give it to her, but she hesitates to let me do it, I think because she doesn't want to give oral to me. We have been together for Ladies do you love oral and want fun years, and she will not give oral sex.

I don't pressure her, but Granny sex in Gulfport Mississippi have asked for it, and we dant talked about it. The idea disgusts her. The most she has ever done is kiss wanh once or twice through the years. I am frustrated, but I respect her wishes. On the other hand, the other serious long term relationship of my life was with a girl that loved all kinds of sex.

She love giving and getting oral. Honestly, she was not good at oral at all, but she liked doing it, and that made all the difference.

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I didn't care whether she was good at it, I just liked that she was excited to do it. We were each others early sexual experiences college funnso we learned from each other and made up in eagerness what we lacked in experience.

She thought it was personal and intimate too. Watching her as she looked me in the eyes and swallowed was deeply personal, I loved it. I honestly think that my first GF years ago really liked to give oral, and I know my current GF whom I love deeply is grossed out by it. Bbw granny chat Lebanon Tennessee about every woman I have ever asked has said that girls don't really like to give oral for themselves, that it is only exciting Ladies do you love oral and want fun it pertains to how it makes the man feel, and how to love to please their man.

Honestly, tell me if you like giving oral for yourselves, and why or why not.

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Describe it if you can. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

Personally i love to recieve and to give it to my boyfriend. It feels amazing and Ladies do you love oral and want fun i give it to Sexy massage Deerfield boyfriend because i love the look he gets on his face and how i know i was the one that caused him to feel so much pleasure. Girls Giving Oral Sex. This Site Might Help You. Me personally I love to give oral I love to swallow I love to see how much of him I so put in my mouth, and just the thing of when I'm doing that to look him in the eyes and see him right before he explodes.

But some girls they don't like to receive oral because their worried they taste gross or smell gross. I use to be terrified of it because I was worried it would taste gross, but I let my ex do it and he liked how I taste, so now I love to get it.

Ladies do you love oral and want fun the kind of question Ladiea only a stranger can answer lol Okay well im going to go out on a limb here and say im one of few who actually love giving a guy oral. I don't mind getting it either because it makes you feel amazing but theres something about seeing an erection and wanting to take the guy all the way in your mouth and suck slowly that just makes me feel amazing. Wanr yes part of it is knowing that im making him feel way good but then theres the part of me that craves to do it for my own satisfaction because I get so worked up while im giving it too.

Honestly, do girls like to give oral? | Yahoo Answers

A guy will tell you what he likes and doesnt like if not with words by actions and its usually really easy to aand when you've done something right. And Ladies do you love oral and want fun there's the part that really gets me going The problem with it is giving oral to a male for the first few times is really unpleasant.

Well it was for me. I really wanted to do it because I'm an extremely sexual person by orap.

One of my friends is amazing at giving oral to men but keep in mind she has practiced on hundreds of guys. I think it's not enjoyable for women because it takes a lot of practice and skill for it to be enjoyable for both her and her partner. This Ladies do you love oral and want fun exactly how I feel.

The first few times I gave oral it mad me Ladies do you love oral and want fun self conscience I was afraid I'd do it wrong or Ladues think I was too nasty or something. Now I don't enjoy the act of it but I do think it is kind of funny, I like to get it sloppy and get my saliva every where. I will never swallow though, that Ladiss feels gross to me. I actually don't like receiving oral, I think orwl is a tease.

But I will give oral to my partner if it will encourage him to fck me harder. Well I haven't had sex before but I think If I were asked to do that to a someone I wouldn't feel right bout doing it sure it feels good to some girls but most gils wouldn't wanna put a boys thing anywhere near there mouth.

For the best answers, search on this site https: They can please a guy without actually having intercourse. You are right, it does nothing for her. Peer pressure is HUGE in this area. Tell your daughter wannt it is just Women seeking hot sex Magdalena uncomfortable for you to tell her as she is listening to you orak it.

27 Orally Obsessed Women Share Exactly Why They Find Giving Blowjobs Soooo Hot | Thought Catalog

Tell her the dangers, the fears, and the moral issues involved. I know its hard to do but you would rather do this now and keep an open relationship with your daughter than tell her about wznt after the fact or when she comes home pregnant. You know that one thiing leads to another. Ladies do you love oral and want fun will tell her anything to get it.

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