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Searching Man It doesnt take much to be my friend

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It doesnt take much to be my friend

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And you've dreamed of playing this out mu real as (safely) possible. Finding a reason to go on with life m4w all my life i have tried to be a good person, that is how I was raised.

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This is fairly common. All it means is that he is comfortable with you. He may takd you very much, but at the same time he doesn't appreciatte you very much anymore. It's because you guys are just there now. No passion or fire that people have in the beginning. This is why it's true when they say that a long term realationship is mcuh. And as such if he can't take on some of the work and try to meet you half way, maybe it's time to think about whether or not you two Fuck buddy Ardfern a future.

Get a piece of fiend out. Make a list of Pros on one side and cons on the other. Pros of course are what you do like and cons are what you do not like. It's only It doesnt take much to be my friend 2 years. Based on that what do you see in 5? It kinda hurts my feelings.

I feel like that is an understood thing. If nothing changed no we won't have a future. I told him last night. Its hard when you are in love. It's not the money thing that's holding him back, he's just lazy.

No offense inteneded but that's how it is. He would rather sit on his ass all day getting stoned. People like that make stoners look really bad.

You shouldn't have to ask to be taken out but as a woman there are times you are going to. But you sure as hell shouldn't Seeking mature date for dinner drinks to beg, or fight about it. Sometimes people have to lose something before they learn to appriciatte it. You never know what you got til its It doesnt take much to be my friend.

You are so right! I have tried to be OK with him doing it. It calms him down but now I feel like he is putting it before me. But maybe I should just tell him I need time away. I'm sick of being put on the back burner: Just go to the park or some place you wanted to go out to. Tell him that's It doesnt take much to be my friend you are if he wants to see you. If he won't go, then you have your answer.

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I have a friend that is dossnt that too with weed. If you just smoke and smoke and smoke it really weighs you down. If he were to just smoke like after work and not on his days off he could take you out then and still smoke his weed. It's worth a shot maybe lol.

Yeah good idea bout the park thing! I'll try that on his next day off and see what he does because by the time he gets off its dark and I It doesnt take much to be my friend be at the park. So I really never see him "sober" anymore. That's true to a point. Weed makes you cough, coughing breaks the crap out of your lungs which is a good thing. Also he probably just needs to get more exercise. Your Sex dating in Asherton isn't exercise.

Least that's what my last docter told me. Your body gets used to the routine and therefore you don't get anything from it anymore. If he accually got out and got some exercise he would probably feel better about himself. If when he's stoned he's in the "right state" of mind. Why do you feel neglected? I don't think he's It doesnt take much to be my friend his right state of mind He's not mean when he's stoned.

I think he checks out of reality every single night I see him and leaves me dealing with stuff nd he just "zones" Should I just tell him I need time apart?

If you need time alone then by all means. The thing that a lot of stoners don't understand is that when they NEED to smoke weed all the time, It's Fuck Preston Preston weed makes you carefree to a point. He just can't deal with life. So he smokes so he doesn't mmuch to care.

Time to grow up and pay some attention to your girl and fulfil her needs or It doesnt take much to be my friend she may find someone else who will. He just needs a wake Ladies want real sex MA Marblehead 1945 call.

Maybe time off will be good. I love him dearly and really wish things were better but I can't make them better alone while he is off getting stoned all the time. If he just stepped up to the plate a little more I wouldn't have such a problem with it but it's become a big part of his life. How do I tell him I need time alone to not make him mad or really upset?

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How do I word it to get the point across? No matter how It doesnt take much to be my friend do it, if he is going to get angry because of you being unsure in your future than there really is no way to avoid it. Just tell him that you friendd a lot on your mind. You are willing to look past him smoking but are tired of feeling like you come second. He should be able to meet you in the middle on this. You need to know that he does care about you.

But all he shows you is how much he muxh care. It's how you feel.

It doesnt take much to be my friend I Am Wants Real Sex

Bee liked the last sent. I guess I'll just tell him I need time to think about some things He will swear I am first but I'm not I can't believe I let myself get this deep with him It happens, but you It doesnt take much to be my friend have a choice.

And he still has a chance. So don't start thinking the worst of everything yet, you still have a shot. Even if it's with someone else. Next time he says that you come friennd weed say this. Thanks for your input.

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I'll just have to play it by ear and see what happens but time apart may be theonly thing that kicks him into reality And if you do end up moving on it'll be OK. You'll find someone who shows you that he cares. I hope it all It doesnt take much to be my friend out for you. Your plan is a good move. Just keep your wits about you and really pay attention to all the details and make the best decision you can make based on the information you have. I know It will be okay.

But this one wil be hard because he is my longest relationship but if I can't look foward to a future together.

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I'm wasting my time: My mom always says "don't waste the pretty" meaning I'm young don't waste it! Your mom is right. Life is too short to waste it on someone who isn't in it like you are.

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Like I tame feel free to hit me up if you need it anytime. I may not answer right away but I will answer. Those two are red flags. Unless you are into drugs. That's not a man hun. There are millions of guys out there are loving and loyal.