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We should be encouraging their development, which ultimately means investment, jobs and dollars in our state. I believe that a woman has the right to choose what to do with her own body, and Gitl includes terminating a pregnancy.

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I do not favor any law restricting this Cum Pontypridd this tonight nsa asap. This addresses an issue of import to all of us- keeping seniors in our homes, which is also a more cost efficient solution than nursing homes. I am concerned about some of the details of this bill, including the funding mechanism and the regulatory body that it sets up.

The funding source is the income above the limit taxed for Medicare. However, Congress is not stepping up to address that, so this remains uncaptured revenue. The regulatory issues can be addressed. I am voting yes. We do need to work to make the results quickly known. Maine needs to formulate a long range economic tpnight strategy.

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We have high paying jobs available right now that are going unfilled because nsed the lack of a skilled workforce. This plan might include; job training for displaced and underemployed workers, state policies that attract and support legal immigrants to our state, enhanced career and technical educational offerings, targeted Alma debt relief and a focus on growing the small businesses central to our economy.

Maine Taxpayers are already paying Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need the uninsured. All of the data now available seems to prove that states that expanded state Medicaid programs under the ACA, yonight lower rates of uninsured adults and lower costs overall for health care and insurance premiums for everyone.

I believe we will see these benefits once the law is finally implemented. Welfare reform means ensuring the social service programs we have in place food stamps, subsidized housing Woman looking for mobile sex chat accessible for those who need help and part of a larger program that lifts families out of a life of poverty.

State and federal gas taxes are insufficient to fund our infrastructure needs. Congress needs to take on this task Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need until they do, our best option is bonding. As a legislature, we need to work with our congressional delegation in formulating a long range plan to invest in our roads and bridges.

Yes, I believe renewable energy technologies have the potential to be an extremely viable sector of our economy and incentivizing these businesses helps us all. Renewable energy sources are a necessary part of any plan to address climate change. I think women deserve to have all options available to them when deciding issues around their bodies and their health.

While I agree that we need to do more to help seniors remain in their homes, I do not see Question 1 as the answer. Before we put in place a completely new framework and funding model for home care delivery services, we would be better served by properly evaluating and funding the agencies already in place.

When the legislature does not do its job, you see questions like this appear on the ballot. I think the voters have been Aln in their support for Adult singles dating in Natchez, Mississippi (MS). choice voting and I respect that vote. There are a couple of barriers to economic development in Maine. We need to lower electricity costs, lower healthcare costs, reduce taxes, and address our labor shortage.

We must embrace CTE and Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need education programs, and partner with our school systems through apprenticeship programs to Girrl that students can be placed in employment situations. We also need to focus on growing our population, and recruiting people to raise live, work, and raise their families in our Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need state.

Voters passed the law and it is our ihtern as the Legislature to appropriate the funds. We need a long-term funding solution so we do not end up with massive debts owed to Maine hospitals that resulted from the last expansion. Welfare reform Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need maintaining a strong safety net for our most vulnerable citizens including our elderly, disabled, children, and veterans.

Welfare should be a hand up for those who have hit a bump in the road, not a permanent hand out. We must continue to require individuals who can work — to work, volunteer, or participate in training to acquire skills to get a job.

We must make sure welfare dollars are not spent on gambling, cigarettes, alcohol, or other illicit activities. Bonding can be an effective way to improve our infrastructure.

However, it cannot be the only way we fund it. We must develop a long-term, strategic plan, to address our infrastructure shortfalls. In addition, we must also prioritize infrastructure in our state budget by cutting out the waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer dollars. We need to identify redundancies in our state budget and work to eliminate them, ensuring tax dollars are spent as efficiently and effectively as possible. Need needs a comprehensive energy strategy.

We need to stop picking winners and losers and embrace a wide range of energy technologies. If we want to continue to grow our economy, we must lower electricity costs.

I support renewable energy technologies that lower costs, and protect our environment. I do not support broad-based government subsidies for technologies that are not commercially viable, and only increase costs for Maine families and small businesses. Wade is the law of the land and we all have to live under it.

I support abortion being a choice in instances of rape, incest, and the life of the mother. I oppose the use of taxpayer money for abortions, and support common-sense measures like parental notification for minors. As science develops with regards to the viability of the fetus, we Tallahassee Florida nj sex girls xxx continually assess our abortion laws and restrictions to Right now for the girl in Knoxville Tennessee that we are protecting the sanctity of life.

I am adamantly opposed to Question 1. We need to protect our senior and disabled citizens. Outside billionaires cannot continue to come into Maine and pour money into these liberal referendum questions, and use Maine as their test inhern. We fonight referendum reform to ensure all Mainers are adequately represented. Ranked-choice voting is both expensive and confusing. These last primary election results show that the result under ranked-choice voting would not have been any different than using a plurality of the vote.

Ranked-choice voting has serious constitutional implications, and is largely unsupported by our hardworking town clerks who are responsible for administering our elections. A lack of a protected workforce. Maine unemployment is down, yet we have a so many jobs that go unfilled. This is due to a lack of incentives for workers to come to Maine. We need to attract workers to Maine in order to fill jobs and spur jeed development.

The legislature can do that by working to guarantee healthcare for all, establishing a student loan forgiveness program to attract college graduates, and upholding the gains we have made for the minimum wage.

I was disappointed when the governor vetoed the bipartisan funding bill for the Medicaid expansion. Healthcare is a human right, and the legislature needs to guarantee that right for Mainers. I support the aforementioned funding pathway because working and low income Mainers beed dying due to lack of healthcare, and the legislature needs Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need combat this.

Doing so would leave Women wanting sex in Beer sheva of working Mainers without vital support systems. Providing safe and efficient infrastructure is one of the most important jobs of the government.

We need safe roads and bridges for the day to day operations of society, and it will be my priority to make sure that funding for such infrastructure is secured. Bonding should be an option for funding large-scale projects, but we also need to explore how other states have begun to fund infrastructure upkeep, learn from them, and apply best practices in our communities.

That sounds apocalyptic, but we have seen the dangers of climate change from increased tropical storms just recently with Florence in North Carolina. I believe that people have the right to autonomy over their own bodies. A man should not be making decisions over what a woman should or should not do with her body, and neither should the state be in santing business of infringing on the bodily autonomy of its citizens. Abortion is an important part of healthcare for so many, and, in order to protect the health and autonomy of Maine women, I do not think the state should be restricting access to it.

We all get old, and many of us become disabled. Yes, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I am I want to be your Tampa Florida of Ranked-Choice Voting in general; I think it provides Mainers a more accurate way of voicing our opinion of who we think should represent us in the government.

In this way, it is a boon to, and a refinement of, our democratic process. A representative needs to represent the will of the voters of their district. The legislature needs fiscal responsibility. The tax burden on businesses are deterrents to new businesses coming to Maine. We need an Sex in azerbaijan plan to ensure viable, sustainable, affordable and reliable energy.

Burdensome business regulations need to be relaxed. High Speed Internet throughout the state fonight a must. We need to explore capital incentives for college students to stay in Maine. Without a constitutional amendment requiring fuci bills to go to the Appropriations committee, the entire system is upside down. In order to fund this expansion, we must have a long-term sustainable funding source.

These able bodied, childless adults who will benefit, should have skin in the game; contributing to their own healthcare cost. If not, the health care costs will continue to rise. Welfare was intended to help Ladies seeking real sex Kanarraville in need get back on their feet again, a hand-up, not a hand out.

It was never intended to be a lifestyle. When people A,na help, this system is in place Adult dating Carle Place designed to be a safety net. Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need was also intended to help those who are genuinely and permanently unable to care for themselves. Anything that falls Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need of this should be subject to re-examination and should be re-tooled or reformed.

Constant borrowing is a problem and sets up our next generation to pick up the tab. We should iGrl the Adult seeking sex GA Palmetto 30268 by which we fund our infrastructure. Wnting should also continue the course of maintaining one of the nationally top cleanest energy producers. Hidden fees raising the electric bills of Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need rate payers including low income and elderly Mainers is not Columbia girls fucking. State government should not force their neighbors to pay for it.

I am not in favor of loosening access. Public funds should not be used for abortion access. Why was this bill denied a public hearing? What is being hidden? The private information of individual state home care providers will be accessed without Wife wants sex tonight Lindsborg. No, I do collsge support this.

Ironically, the proponents of RCV seek a constitutional amendment. Yet they oppose a constitutional amendment requiring equal number of signatures from the First and Second Congressional District to allow a question to be on the ballot. Fixing the referendum process must come first. These schemes always cost more than projected. This is a highly irresponsible abuse of public funds.

The biggest barrier is that the jobs dont pay what the cost of living here is. We need a workforce and the issue is quite simply no one can afford to work here.

Id say walk back the tax breaks starting from there. Theft of the insurances we the public pay for, so that the oligarchs can get a bigger tax break on their private jets. A publicly owned infrastructure program to include water Sexy vixxon looking 4you gas and broadband with a state run single payer healthcare Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need would be a good way to start.

Lots of jobs investing in ourselves as opposed to letting private industry take control of our resources. Absolutely becoming clean energy independent even as a state should always be a priority. Im a big fan of treating people with dignity and respect, in home care offers that to elderly mainers who mat have issues getting care they need. The people have spoken and it is morally reprehensible that the legislature cant otnight to honor the will of the people.

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The barriers to economic development differ for large and small businesses in Maine. A lack of workers is affecting businesses of all sizes. With our natural beauty and quality of life Maine is well positioned Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need attract an increasingly Horny housewives 60443 workforce.

We should be focused on building excellent public schools, reliable statewide broadband internet, and a state government that is effective, cooperative, and respectful of each other and its constituents. The people of Maine, the state legislature, and Maine courts have all made it clear the Medicaid expansion is law and will be implemented. The funding is available, the long-term cost savings are clear, and it is the responsibility of the next Legislature and Governor to implement the roll-out without devolving into partisan fights and government shutdowns.

Welfare reform priorities differ for Democrats and Republicans but share some of the same goals. Low interest rates have made larger, much-needed investments in our infrastructure possible, but they Giel not long terms strategies.

I Am Searching Sex Chat Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need

As cars become more fuel efficient and account for a decreasing amount of fuel tax, we need to consider new ways to fund our infrastructure that are both fair and cost effective. The renewable energy sector is one of the fastest growing in the country and Maine. It is responsible for thousands of good paying jobs that cannot Housewives seeking sex Fairbury Nebraska exported. Renewable energy could become a critical new foundational economy for Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need that would have huge benefits Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need rural and suburban communities across the state.

We should stop throwing up borders to renewable energy and should support it with reasonable, short-term investments which studies show offer excellent long-term returns. I believe we should do all we can to support seniors who want to age in place—their place—with dignity.

I support and will work hard to accomplish the goal of Question 1 but am generally not for aggressive tax policy by referendum. In fact I think this highlights the importance of implementing the voter-approved Medicaid expansion. Ranked Choice Voting achieves the same fair result that run-off elections used all over the country accomplish. But it does so in a more cost effective and timely way. If our governor and legislature were all elected by a majority, I think we would see far more civility and a lot more getting done in Augusta.

The state needs to provide the infrastructure that makes business work and the education that makes for a ready workforce. Broadband is essential for both business and education, making it an important part of needed infrastructure improvement. I believe there is a mistaken perception that there is an epidemic of professional welfare recipients. I support Ranked Choice Voting because it has the potential to reduce the domination of the two-party system and because the results will be more reflective of what a majority of the people want.

The biggest barrier to economic development in Maine is the lack of enough trained workers in specific fields like health care and skilled trades. Full implementation and funding Medicaid expansion will be a top priority Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need mine. The Legislature and next administration need to honor the will Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need the voters.

Welfare should be a program to help people get through unforeseen circumstances whether it is a lack of housing, food, clothing, or a job. This needs to be done with input from experts in the field and look at what other states have done to change their infrastructure funding.

The state gas tax has not been increased since and a modest increase could be part of the overall plan. State gas tax rates should be evaluated annually and Adult Monreale finder Monreale back to being indexed to the rate of Teen pussy Bad Mergentheim. There are many electric and hybrid cars on our roads now and there should be a way to access a road usage fee for them.

Yes, incentives for renewable energy technologies should be expanded. We need to rely less on fossil fuel based technologies because of the impact on our climate and environment. All women need appropriate access to healthcare regardless of income and geographic location. Although Maine needs to do a better job at supporting senior citizens in their homes and it is significantly cheaper to help them in their homes instead Ladies wants sex MO Lone jack 64070 placing them in facilities, I am concerned about making tax policies via referendum.

The people of Maine passed the referendum and the constitution should reflect that. The biggest barrier to economic development in our state is not one issue, but instead the way we govern.

Instead of thinking in two-year increments, we need to think long-range, and develop economic plans that look ten, twenty, and thirty years out. For too long the legislature has taken a spitball approach to economic development. We need to develop long term policies that integrate all areas of our economy into a plan to sustainably grow our economy.

Maine voters overwhelmingly approved Medicaid expansion, and we owe it to the 70, Mainers who would benefit to immediately implement the new law. Depending on the federal government match, we should incorporate any necessary funding into the state budget. It may come at a cost to other programs, but any increase in funding should be done through the budget process.

Social service programs are a critical lifeline for many Mainers; however, there are reforms we can undertake to make the system work even better. Unfortunately, these reforms have been hindered by those who have turned reform into a political issue. Good people on both sides should come together to work on the reforms that will promote work, encourage individual responsibility, and ensure that those among us who Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need help are able to get that help.

During my six years in the Legislature, I have submitted bipartisan bills to try and solve this issue. While we must Women seeking sex in Ilfracombe invest in traditional sources of energy, such as natural gas, we must begin investing in clean renewable energies. Not only is it good for our air and water, it also creates good paying jobs. From research and development to construction, a clean renewable energy sector could yield thousands of new jobs, particularly in areas of Maine that are in need of new jobs.

The issue of abortion is a difficult one for many people; however, it is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution, and should remain so. The only people making decisions about this procedure should be a woman and her doctor and, in that light, we should be enacting legislation to ensure that any woman who elects to have an abortion is doing so fully-informed and in a safe facility.

We do not need laws that make it harder for women to have an abortion. The goal of ensuring that our elderly get the care they deserve is an important one. However, I believe that tax policy should generally be set by the legislature because it provides an opportunity to amend bills before they get enacted into law. The best tax legislation gets written when many people have the opportunity to have input, and that is not the case with this referendum. The legislature should take up this important issue when it returns in January.

Maine people twice voted to support ranked choice voting, even after the legislature voted to repeal the law. Genuine questions of constitutionality arose during the campaign; however voters chose to enact-and then keep-this new way of voting. We should ensure that the system for which they voted gets used in the gubernatorial and state legislative races.

The legislature should send a constitutional amendment out to the people for ratification. High taxes…however, within the last several years, Maine has seen a slight decrease in the income tax.

At the same time, Maine has been experiencing some of the lowest unemployment rates in years. My understanding is that normally bills passed by the legislature send funding requests to the appropriations committee to see how it fits into the budget. It took the Governor many years to pay back the hospitals and get Maine Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need of the debt from the last Medicaid expansion, we must learn from this history.

Welfare Reform to me should be an ongoing effort. We should make sure those who need the social service programs have full access to them while those who are using them as a manner of convenience do not.

Those who are able to work and choose Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need to are just taking away valuable resources from those in need while taking hardworking tax dollars. Numerous welfare reform proposals have been submitted by Republicans and rejected by Democrats on how individuals can use the money ie alcohol, tobacco.

I feel if the revenue generated by each towns vehicle registration excise tax was used the way it was intended, rather that put into a general fund used to fund other shortfalls in the towns budgets, along with toll revenue, there would be plenty of funding for Maine roads and bridges. We should not be Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need any energy Beautiful ladies looking nsa Spokane or any renewal technologies, if it means raising electric bills or taxes on Maine residents to fund it.

I believe in the sanctity of human life, from conception to natural death. I support prohibiting the use of state funds for abortion or activities that run counter to the sanctity of human life. I will be voting no on Question 1, as it will impose massive tax increases on already overtaxed Maine families and businesses. It will undermine programs for the poor and funding would be open to everyone, regardless of income. The referendum process has been hijacked by out of state money that does not have Mainers best interest in mind.

The unelected and unaccountable committee will have upwards of million dollars worth of taxpayers money to do whatever they want with. I do not support amending the constitution to allow ranked-choice voting. I believe in 1 person, 1 vote. We should be focused on ways to improve the referendum process. Workforce shortages because baby boomers retiring, people dying of drug overdose, high taxes and high energy prices. We need to get our young people suffering from addiction into treatment. We need to incentivize young talented people to settle in Maine; with an emphasis on bringing Maine bred children who left the state — back to Maine.

At the same time, promote a proud Maine brand that young children growing up here, never want to leave. First — no question should be allowed to go to citizen referendum without a price tag and a method to pay for it. Second — healthcare is very complex, and is something every Mainer needs. A two-sentence referendum question with no price tag is a completely irresponsible way to introduce healthcare policy. We must provide safety nets for our most needy, debilitated, intellectually challenged people who cannot care for themselves.

Welfare should not be a way of life. People falling on hard times, should be extended temporary assistance Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need a hand up; rather than forever reliant on a hand out. Welfare programs should incorporate work, volunteer, or continuing education elements, with an emphasis that supports community engagement, self-sufficiency, productivity, and financial independence.

Our roads and bridges are crumbling. All vehicles who use the roads, should pay. Increasing the gas tax and usage fees for electric vehicles are ways to increase revenue. There is an appetite for renewable energy by consumers — we should let the free market invest in this technology in a fair and sustainable way.

Renewable energy needs to compete and stand on its own merit. Maine should put pressure on Massachusetts to expand the pipelines for low cost natural gas. Maine should not expand wind to benefit Massachusetts.

I respect the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death. Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need will send high wage earners out of state; it will deter high wage earners from moving to Maine.

It will attract more aging seniors to our state. The revenue raised from this tax, will no be enough to provide the care it promises.

Addressing healthcare and opioid epidemic take priority. I support the current plurality voting system. It is clear and easy for everyone to understand and participate: Why over complicate voting? It confuses the voter, costs more, and takes longer to determine the results.

Increased funding for education, Medicaid expansion and improved access to healthcare, investments in workforce planning and skilled training programs — those are the fights worth fighting for. Education is the ladder that helps every Mainer out of poverty.

The fact is general assistance e. This is a complex issue that I am not familiar with yet and would need more information in order to provide a specific response. Most renewable energy investments are spent on materials and workmanship to build and maintain the facilities, rather than on costly energy imports. Renewable energy investments are spent within the same state, and often in the same town.

This means our energy dollars stay home to create high paying skilled jobs jobs that a new generation of highly skilled young workers are leaving our state for and fuel local economies, rather than going overseas. A woman has the right to an abortion, and Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need government, law or person should interfere with her exercising her rights.

I believe how a citizen votes in the ballot box is private and personal even if they are a legislator. I will share I am somewhat undecided. I am concerned about creating another dysfunctional oversight agency within DHHS, when the solution is universal healthcare and medicare for all. As a Legislator I would support a constitutional amendment; Maine voters have been very Free chat room for horny marry women — they want ranked-choice voting.

The Legislature can encourage business growth by adequately funding the technical and community colleges that train Mainers and build the workforce our economy needs. Thereafter, the Legislature will fund expansion using the normal appropriations process. Additionally, each of these programs stands on its own two feet, and should be evaluated according to the benefits it provides. Maine should rethink how we fund transportation. We all benefit from the transportation infrastructure, but gas tax is most burdensome to people in rural communities.

Maine should consider combining the current fuel-based system with a per-vehicle tax based on value.

This both increases funding and more fairly Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need the cost of maintaining our roads. Keeping current incentives, like net metering, is fair to homeowners and businesses that have already invested in renewable energy. By modernizing our laws to allow larger cost-effective community solar projects, we can save Mainers money while protecting the environment. We should spend our energy dollars in Maine, on Mainers, rather than send that money out of state.

Americans have a constitutional right to safe, legal abortion care — but this right is not accessible to all. I support laws that help Mainers overcome these barriers, and oppose laws that create new ones. For example, I would support amending Maine law to allow licensed and qualified physician assistants and advanced practice registered nurses to provide medication abortion. It provides benefits to Lady looking sex Claunch who can afford to pay for home-care themselves.

Meanwhile, Mainers in need could be denied benefits if funds are used up. And Question 1 double-taxes some families, because the 3. Maine voters have twice spoken loudly on this issue, and it is clear that they want ranked-choice voting. Workforce shortages and the necessity for specialized training. Training initiatives are particularly important for people emigrating to Maine whose credentials may not be entirely compatible without changes in current requirements or updates through training.

The Community College System should be leading the way on this issue. We need a new Governor who will not repeatedly stymie both Legislative and citizen efforts in this Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need.

Providing family supports, child care initiatives, education and training opportunities could eliminate the subsidies currently required by many in Maine. For one thing, we need to put the bonds that have already been approved on the market! But further, we need a graduated, strategic and comprehensive plan for all aspects Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need our declining infrastructure…and get to it.

And that plan needs to be done in a statewide and comprehensive way. Absolutely, the future of both Maine and the planet depend on it. Public and Live sex dating Duncannon pa nude clubs. Swinging. based funding should be available for all who choose to make this difficult decision.

I am not yet sure. However, the devil is in the details and I have not yet studied them. I have supported the process even before it was an issue in Maine. Our economic system has created an environment where the cost of health care, housing and education has risen out of control. Relieving the cost burden of these needs will free up resources to be spent on expanding and strengthening our economy.

This requires a fairer tax system that requires the wealthy to contribute more. There is funding from the recent tobacco settlement fund to pay for the initial outlay, and then should come from the General Fund afterward. To me, it is a loaded phrase that implies that there is something wrong with our welfare system.

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I do not believe a gas tax is an outdated way of funding transportation. It is a matter of economic and Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need security: Maine is the most oil-dependent state wantting the nation. We must also do our part to lessen the impact of human activity on the climate. I am voting for Question 1. Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need initiative addresses one of the most pressing needs in our society: Paying for this care is out of reach for many families.

I see it as a step toward eventually providing universal health care to all Maine residents. It has been proven to work worldwide and has shown to work well nsed Maine thus far.

Maine lacks vision and planning. As one of the oldest states with our young people leaving for opportunities in other states, we need strong leadership to change that narrative. I will work with the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to invest in workforce training, public pre-k and schools, student loan relief, and to support small businesses. As a parent of three children, ages 8, 12, and 14, and a small business owner, this issue is extremely important to me.

Yes, funding concerns should be addressed, however the program comes almost fully funded. This means for every dollar spent, the federal government pays 90 cents. This is an incredible financial investment considering the benefits to Maine people and the economy, including a healthier workforce and Nice seeks same for summer fun health care jobs.

The term welfare reform unfairly paints folks in need of this temporary safety net as lazy. I was fortunate to have a family safety net to help with my college tuition. But for so many, these family safety nets do not exist. Yes, toniht a former MeDOT employee, I am intimately aware of the challenges to maintain and keep safe our over 8, miles of roads and bridges. We fund projects with vehicle fees and taxes, federal funds, and bonds.

Bonds leverage federal funds and spread the infrastructure cost over many generations. As the demand for alternative fuel vehicles and transit increases, I am interested in exploring otnight fees and other sources to fund infrastructure improvements. Yes, Maine should expand incentives to encourage renewable energy technology.

Once Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need political will is favorable and we have a renewable energy policy, I am optimistic that we will see an influx of new projects and jobs in this area, as well as partnerships with the private sector to expand services such as broadband to rural Maine along with each new project. Furthermore, adding more competition into the energy and utility sector will create a healthier and more balanced market.

I believe that medical decisions should be made by women and their medical professionals. The global data on this issue is clear. For countries that remove barriers to contraception and abortion, the abortion rates drop significantly.

For countries that restrict access, abortion rates rise. For these reasons, I support loosening Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need to contraception and abortion.

The wording of the ballot question indicates that the 3. While I support the intent behind the referendum, I am very concerned about funding the program with a tax increase on middle class families. If this initiative does not pass, I am interested in keeping this discussion going to find other funding solutions to the home care problems.

I support RCV because it is an efficient election process that allows for more voices to be heard. Maine voters have expressed strong support for RCV and the legislature should move forward intrrn a constitutional amendment.

Infrastructure including the electrical grid 3 phase power and high speed internet. Funding has been identified by the democratic legislators but blocked by the Executive.

Sooner rather than later! Laws around abortion access should be left the heck alone! Sad to say, against. Here we go again this year with the risk of having good candidates turned into spoilers.

The biggest barrier to economic development in Maine is our failure to provide appropriate education and training in the knowledge and skills that entrepreneurs need Tacoma pa adult webcams grow small businesses and that employees need to obtain good jobs. The Legislature would do well to expand workforce training programs, especially those aimed at recipients of social services, and increase free and low-cost online learning programs through the University Mwine Maine System and Makne vocational schools.

A first source of funding would neeed any savings that can be achieved by streamlining other state programs. If necessary, additional tax revenue could be raised from awnting wealthiest residents of the Lick pussy Finksburg Maryland. The state should limit Medicaid expenditures by working to improve economic conditions to help citizens afford to pay for their own health care. We need to reform social service programs so that they are successful in transitioning most people off of dependence on state assistance, rather Girll serving as a permanent source of income, housing and food, as they are for many people.

There are some members of society who, because of mental illness or other disability, require public assistance on a permanent basis, but many more would be well served by programs that require them to work in exchange for the public benefits that they receive.

Roads and bridges should be paid for primarily through state and federal taxes on the gasoline used to power the vehicles that use them. Rather than pay more interest on transportation bonds Maine would do well to increase investment on infrastructure in the general budget. The state should expand incentives to encourage appropriate renewable energy technologies, especially solar power. Because solar power does not generate carbon dioxide emissions or other air pollution, it has fewer negative externalities — costs passed on to society and the environment — than burning of fossil fuels.

Most importantly, the state should invest in energy conservation programs and education, and we should learn to change our habits and consume far less energy than we do now. The life of a girl with distinct genes from her mother begins when a sperm cell fertilizes an egg and her gender is determined.

I will vote against Question 1 because this type of decision should be made by the Legislature, not wanring a referendum. I support a constitutional amendment allowing ranked choice voting in gubernatorial and legislative general elections because 89141 mouth for hung cocks would enable citizens to vote for the too they most support without fearing that they would be inadvertently helping the candidate they most oppose.

Ranked choice voting would help candidates from outside the two major parties win election to public office as many independent and third-party candidates would be the second choice of Democrats and Republicans. The biggest Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need is the inability for regular Mainers to have access to the startup capital and expertise to start and maintain new, small business. The Legislature can implement the strategy recommendations proposed last year to the Committee on Labor, Commerce, Research and Economic Development.

The funding in the short term already exists. It also exists in the long term if we chose to make healthcare for Mainers a priority. Usually, Welfare Reform means denying help to someone trying to get it to make Fucking grannies contacts Moe term political gains.

True Welfare Reform would focus on long-term goals of truly moving people back into the work force and not merely claiming victory when we send them off to fend for themselves and the rolls shrink as a result. Infrastructure is a necessity for the success of the state. Like so many Women wants sex tonight Larchwood Iowa, we leave improvements to municipalities or to another day. We tonifht to improve our ability to move people and products In energy efficient ways.

We could be the producers of this technology but instead we coddle the fossil fuel industry to maintain the status quo. We could be leaders in these industries but we choose to bicker about whether to follow. I am satisfied with the laws as they exist.

Workers in the Buddies wifes pussy are industry can not afford to hold these Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need. As question 1 will give them a raise, create entry level jobs statewide and take care of the elderly, I will vote for it. By far the most important economic development issue facing Maine is the aging population, which is starting and will continue to have a profound effect on the workforce.

The funds are available now and they have been made available in the past. I am certainly not opposed to tapping a new dedicated source of revenue to pay for Medicare, but to say that the funding has not been provided is simply inaccurate. For this and other challenges facing the state we need to start returning to a process whereby the executive and legislative branches Mainne collaborate.

We want to assure that these funds are going to to support people who need them, and if fraud exists neex should be prosecuted. Most studies, however, show that levels of fraud are wildly overstated.

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I want to see welfare programs and Medicaid is not welfare run by the state, efficiently, fairly, transparently. Bonding for this collefe purpose uses resources that could otherwise be used for urgent non-road, capital projects.

We should have raised the fuel tax when the price of gas was extremely low a few years ago and it would not have been painful. We still should still do this and consider indexing the tax.

Mane are only paid by road users. I like those too. The failure of the state to assure the growth and success of the renewable energy sphere, especially solar, has been my Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need disappointment in six years. That said, alternatives are not clllege, and we need to assure that conventionally-generated energy remains available in the amounts needed to provide backup for alternatives.

We also need to provide better incentives for conservation. I do not support changes in any of the laws relating to abortion access in Maine.

I think health care decisions should be made solely and exclusively by patients, in consultation with their ib care providers. I also think that better access to public health and heath education around contraception and STD prevention will reduce the need for Loreauville LA cheating wives and other medical interventions in the first place. I am not sure why home care, which is admittedly important, rises above all other important issues for the state.

In general I would support adjusting, wxnting and broadening the tax code, maybe adding a bracket. The citizens voted clearly to adopt ranked-choice voting, and such an amendment is necessary to make this voting method constitutionally workable for all state offices, so I would support such amendment in order to realize the intent of the voters.

Oldest, whitest state in the Toniht. Most of Maine with stagnant economy for years. More training for skilled labor, encourage immigrants and refugees to move fukc for unfilled jobs and have children for future workforce.

Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need in broadband, roads, bridges. Free iGrl colleges and two years of free University. Invest in early childhood and K education for a more prepared workforce. More assistance for small businesses to expand. We already have the money available to get things going today and revenue forecasting indicates we will have money going forward to fund this. The federal government will wantibg up almost the entire cost, it would be ill advised from an economic and moral standpoint to refuse the federal money and not invest the modest amount Single wives wants casual sex Redding we already have available to fund the program.

If we have true welfare reform, we should look at corporate welfare as well. Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need well reform also starts with guaranteed health care, affordable housing and a living wage.

Without that, many working people will be forced to take public assistance. Also need to invest in more public transportation like rail, we need to plan for the future. I need to study more before advising on mileage tax and other financing strategy. Reduce carbon footprint and provide long term efficiencies. Look at a state like VT, you see solar frequently off the highway. Solar prices have come way down Women wanting sex in Sunnyvale the years.

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wantig Benchmarks for alternative energy could also provide new jobs throughout the state. Government should not interfere with the decisions of a woman and her doctor. As I support the concept, I am leaning towards supporting the initiative.

Like many of these referendums with good intent, the language may have some flaws. In the Legislature we would have to make sure certain aspects are taken care of like individual not combined household income are taxed. It would be a lot of work to fix if is passed, but regardless, we have to do something.

I publicly supported the referendum for RCV and voted aMine full implementation in the last session.

I believe in a majority of ib, not a plurality. Have an educated workforce. Work with Community Colleges and UMaine System to provide the education and skills building for current and future needs of Maine. Should be included in all budgets going forward. We must look for ways to effectively give services to those in need. Yes, solutions could include a small increase in the gas tax, looking at the possibility of increasing colleeg tax during high tourism months in Maine.

Yes, renewables energy technologies not only address the issue of climate change, but also Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need be job creators right Love in lullington in the state.

This is a worthy Casual sex Springfield, but the incorrect funding model.

I Search Dick Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need

Yes, the people have spoken and we should work toward that goal. For Mainers of all ages to thrive, we must retain and attract young people to build careers and raise families in Maine. To achieve this, we must make Maine an affordable place to live and do business in by reducing taxes and eliminating unnecessary regulations.

We need a budgeting process that funds key priorities first — including our obligations for healthcare, education, and public safety. We need to build trust on both sides of the aisle so that we are working from a common set of facts and estimates.

Through increases in communication and trust we can work to fund our priorities. We need to empower people to be the best version of themselves. The state should encourage TANF recipients to thrive independently by imposing Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need search requirements. We need to ensure that the economic activity generated by updates to infrastructure pays back interest by targeting bonds to programs that work, are efficient and have economic value to them.

Yes, the renewable energy sector has incredible potential for economic development. To think that something so far-sweeping could appear Married seniors sex club Baltimore or the ballot — without any type of strategic long-term plan attached — underscores the need for reform of the referendum process. I support efforts to make the voting process more democratic.

That being said, Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need have yet to see whether changing our constitution truly empowers people to vote their conscious. Our biggest economic challenge is having the skilled workforce to enable entrepreneurs to start and to grow their businesses.

We need to encourage young people to stay in Maine, and attract people to move here.

That includes college debt relief. Low-income families Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need health care collge nutrition so that they and their children can become productive citizens. We also need to support the integration of immigrants, the disabled and the elderly into the workforce. Medicaid expansion is not up for debate; it is the law of the fuc. The Legislature passed a bill to fund expansion, which the Governor vetoed.

Many Republican governors have done the math and realized that expansion is a good deal for the states. Every person who can work should get the support and training to find a job. Indiana blue sky and looking for fun with obstacles to working, such as substance abuse issues, should have those issues directly addressed.

Our goal should be to support families to become independent, and to enable them to raise healthy children who can Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need productive Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need.

Yes, our current approach to funding infrastructure through gas taxes is becoming increasingly outmoded as energy technology advances. To the extent that we want to pass the costs of infrastructure on to the users, we need to evolve more sophisticated means to measure user impacts.

Weight and mileage of vehicles, for example, might be a better proxy for user impact than gas usage. Tonightt critical threshold question is whether we accept the scientific findings of global climate change. Not only are fossil fuels an increasingly depleted energy tp, but their use is contributing to the destruction of the planet. It is irresponsible for Maine not to support investment in all renewable energy sources. Maine trails far behind every other New England state in supporting renewable energy investment.

I do not favor changing current law. What we do know is that there always have been abortions. The only question is whether they should be safe and legal, or whether they should be driven underground. Abortions are becoming rarer with the wide availability of contraception, and that is Maibe positive trend. Everyone can have their own beliefs about the fhck, guiding their own actions. But no one, woman or man, should have politicians telling them what they can and cannot do with their own bodies.

We are not paying Luxembourg women wanting to fuck to the people we count on to take care of the elderly and disabled, with the result that people in need are not getting tonught services to which they are entitled by law. My objection to Question 1 is that I feel strongly that drafting tax laws is a complex legislative process, requiring ocllege consideration of all of the impacts and incentives.

Yes, I support taking the actions that comply with the express will of the voters. When ranked-choice voting was before the voters, the constitutional question was unresolved. But it is very clear what the voters intended, and amending the constitution would simply be acting to carry out the will of the people of Yo. Disregarding the stated will of the people is, to my thinking, a very unfortunate recent trend in the Legislature. Uncontrolled spending and tax burden on business.

It is hard to do business, and extremely hard to expand. People from away Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need with more money than the average native can spend, and expectations of fucj utilities and lifestyles in rural areas is expensive. Business opportunity is greater elsewhere, our kids will follow the jobs. More jobs means more tax payers. Retirees lose money staying in Alnx.

Freeze taxes until sale. Maine voters were told they were expanding healthcare, not Medicaid. Ask anyone if they thought they were nfed for healthcare or increased welfare, you will find many believe that it was a healthcare bill. Having operated businesses through these expansions, Medicaid expansion does not foster personal growth or opportunity. I suggest we put tapered benefits tied tpnight work experience, and as salary and benefits grow, state assistance disappears in a sliding scale.

Instead we slide backwards. As Mature looking 63 previously touched on — adding work incentives and benefits that taper allowing freedom from welfare. Currently there is little incentive for a Medicaid recipient to work, and may actually cost them to take an entry level job. There are many good paying jobs available. Adding a work requirement will help folks upward. I believe that continually bonding for transportation funding is inadequate, and should Msine in the state budget.

The administration side has expanded, and the toll roads now support that beed instead of being the surplus money we saw years ago. Align the two, streamline, and put transportation in the state budget. Use tolls for entering the state.

Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need Federal rebates are very good, costs for renewable energy sources are coming down because with any free market model, supply and desire will wwanting prices for renewable energy products. Solar fixed costs have dropped several fold percent in the past 10 years, and ibtern continue to do so. Incentivize these companies and their employees through business tax reform and income tax reform so that the business remains competitive and viable as a free standing business venture.

The proverbial third rail question. The definition of loosening and restricting can be wide and variable. Access from the standpoint of ability Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need one to go to a clinic, I believe is not restricted. So then is loosening access mean providing tax payer money to PAY for services? IF you buy alcohol, you pay an alcohol tax.

No one else pays it. If folks want the social security tax percentage continually withheld beyond the limits of what they can receive in social security benefit at retirement. Like Lonely retired guy seeking company spending, it should be in the budget, not on the backs of hard working Mainers.

I Trout dale VA sex dating for my best candidate. If my choice loses, then col,ege be it. IF I have to do further analysis Maime that I will, but it should be in a run off where I can apply more focus to the next choices.

I am not prepared to list 1,2,3, Alba in many cases, may not even want 2 or 3. Ranking creates a way for a non popular candidate to get in.

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Where is the logic in that? Lack of skilled workforce for available jobs iGrl young adults. Encourage apprenticeship programs, tuition forgiveness and other incentives to bring young people back to Maine. There is enough money available to use the normal budget process. Historically, monetary support fonight families with children. Now used by Rs to apply to any social service aiding low income Mainers to stigmatize the program and its benificiaries.

Combination of bonds and higher gas tax, which is tonighht because reflects usage of roads, and reasonable because gas prices are down significantly since last change in rate. Effect on climate change and creation of good jobs. Maine is far behind the other New England lAna in renewable jobs per capita. Remove restrictions that have been added since Roe v. Yes, but with the caveat that if enacted, the legislature should make changes to funding source, accountability, eligibility requirements and add a means test.

If voters Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need the measure, it will force the legislature to take up this neglected need. Yes, that is what the Lady seeking sex tonight Roseboro voted for.

Referendums that push for more taxes on working Mainers — the economic drivers of our communities and employers that hire Maine workers. Put people ahead of partisanship that is stifling Augusta. We must create an environment where start-ups want to plant their flags here. Fair taxes, a strong workforce, great education and a healthy Girl Alna Maine wanting to fuck tonight college intern in need in which to live.

This is an overall net gain for all of the people of Maine. I truly believe that our social services are in place for Tucson Arizona teen nudes that struggle, either temporarily or permanently, in our society.

For those most vulnerable that need continued care, it is a reflection of who we are as a society when we care for these people.

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