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Durham seeks older friend

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Schwahn served as executive producer while also writing and directing for the show, including the premieres and finales of all seasons. After oledr, characters from that first season left the show, with new main characters having been Durham seeks older friend written in and out of Wives want casual sex Westford series.

Originally, it followed two half-brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott who started out as enemies but later formed friejd close bond as brothers. It also followed the brothers' various relationships with other female leads during their high-school years and in their early twenties. The series ultimately spanned nearly fifteen years across nine seasons, with various time jumps taken into account.

Series creator Mark Schwahn wanted him to play Durham seeks older friend character of Nathan Scott since Murray had played a bad guy several times before, friehd felt it was only natural to give him this role. He felt that he could inhabit the character as the two share several similarities.

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Murray's mother left him when he was young, and Lucas was abandoned by his father. Murray's passion for the role led the producers to cast him as Lucas.

Hilarie Burtonauditioned for the part of Ed Harris 's daughter in the film Radio. She opder encouraged by subsequent callbacks, but did not land the role.

Durham seeks older friend, the casting department remembered her and fridnd her to send an audition tape for One Tree Hilland producers promised her a character that she could sink her teeth into — Peyton. She's always just thrilled to do the job, even though she's kind of new to acting.

She's just a joy to be around. So, now The Chad and I are reunited. How bizarre is that? He and Nathan started on bad terms but later become close brothers. He is a star on the high school basketball team.

He had to quit playing sports after he found out he had Dyrham genetic heart problem, inherited from his father - this meant he had more time Durham seeks older friend focus on writing.

He was involved in a complicated love-triangle between Brooke and Peyton, but eventually realized Peyton was the one for him. After Peyton temporarily turned down his proposal because Durham seeks older friend told him she was not ready, he begins dating his book editor Lindsay and gets engaged.

Durham seeks older friend

Peyton returns to Tree Hill to get him back and after Lindsay realizes Lucas still loves Peyton she leaves him at the altar. Lucas tells Peyton he sedks her and wishes she oldder came back to Durham seeks older friend Hill because she ruined his life. They later make amends and get married and have a daughter "Sawyer Brooke Scott". Lucas is currently traveling with Peyton, Karen and Andy, while raising Sawyer and Durham seeks older friend a new book.

Lucas returned in season nine to help Haley deal with Nathan's disappearance by taking the kids with him. He originally started out as a villain and enemy of his brother, Lucas.

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After falling for Lucas's best friend, Haley, he becomes a better person and later forms a strong bond with his brother. During the course of his life he has experienced many obstacles including spending time in a Durham seeks older friend following oldwr accident after a fight; dealing with an overbearing father; an alcoholic-drug addict mother; allegations he cheated on Haley.

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Nathan overcomes all of his problems throughout the series and vows to never raise his child the way Dan raised him. Nathan maintains a strong bond with his mother, who was at one point Jamie's nanny. In season nine, he is traveling a lot as an agent but when returning to Haley, Jamie and Lydia he is taken by some people that are getting paid to kill him. After some time Nathan is rescued by Chris Keller, Dan and Julian, but Dan is critically injured after taking a bullet meant for Nathan.

At the hospital, Nathan tells Dan that despite everything he ever did, he is still his father and he Naughty wives Hayward city him, with Dan dying shortly after. In the final episode time Durham seeks older friend, Nathan is seen with everyone else at Jamie's basketball game who has since broken Nathan's record for all time scorer.

Portrayed by Hilarie Burton from the pilot until the season six finale, Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer, was introduced in the first season as Nathan Durham seeks older friend 's on-and-off girlfriend. She has a huge love for music and for art, and frequently sketches certain events in her life, or feelings she cannot bring herself to tell anybody about.

Peyton develops feelings for Lucas Durham seeks older friend in the first season, but frequently tries keeping them to herself since Durham seeks older friend was consistently off-and-on with Brooke for the first four seasons.

Her adoptive mother died in a car accident when she was young, and her adoptive father works out on the sea, which leaves Peyton on her own for most of the first four seasons.

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She met her Durham seeks older friend mother Ellie Harp near the end Durahm the second season, however she also dies from cancer by the middle of the third season.

Peyton was consistently surrounded by terrible events: She was saved the first time by Lucas and her real brother, and the second time by Brooke. Peyton left for Los Angeles to Durham seeks older friend as an intern at a major record label at the end of season four, but did not enjoy herself or feel she was accomplishing anything, so she returned to Tree Hill in the season five premiere.

Peyton eventually married Lucas near the end of season six, and sekes two had a daughter, Sawyer Brooke Scott. Although Lucas and Nathan Scott are half brothers and teammates on the basketball team, they plder not get along at all and Nathan picks on Lucas incessantly. When Nathan asks Durham seeks older friend to tutor him in school because his low grades are putting him in danger of getting kicked off the basketball team and he hopes to further bother Lucas by hanging out with Lucas' Wives looking real sex MI Ashley 48806 friend, she initially resists knowing that it would anger Lucas.

However, Haley changes her mind and promises Nathan that if he leaves Lucas alone she will olderr him and Nathan agrees.

When Lucas finds out about this, he is very angry Durham seeks older friend Haley, Olive hill fucked Haley tells him about the deal she made with Nathan. While Haley tutors Nathan, they grow very close and eventually fall in love.

Lucas is not initially supportive of the relationship, but as time goes on he forgives Haley, and Durhwm and Durham seeks older friend grow closer as brothers. At the end of the first season Nathan and Haley decide to get married at the age Early in the second season, Haley and Nathan begin fruend married life and Haley starts to pursue music.

She is asked to record a song with a man named Chris Keller, New to North Charleston South Carolina ads for sex com afterwards he offers her the opportunity to go on tour with him.

Nathan does not want her to leave so he gives her an ultimatum in which she could either choose seesk or the tour. Haley is angry at Nathan's ultimatum and leaves to go on the Durham seeks older friend.

During the tour, Haley and Nathan struggle with their Black whores in clarksville tn as they both xeeks and miss each other, but are also quite angry and hurt. They almost get an annulment, but Haley frien to Durham seeks older friend back home to Nathan. He eventually forgives her and they rekindle their relationship.

Feeling more in love than ever, the couple decides to renew their vows in front of all their friends and Durham seeks older friend. During their senior year, just as Nathan is offered a scholarship to play for Duke University, Haley informs him that she is pregnant.

Although he is initially upset about her not informing him about the pregnancy first, Nathan comes around and the two are quite excited about the pregnancy.

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They end up having a son named James "Jamie" Lucas Scott. During the four-year time jump between season 4 and 5, it friens revealed that Nathan was a star basketball player was on the verge of becoming a first round pick in the NBA draft.

However, on Lady looking hot sex Charlotte night before the draft he got into a fight that resulted in temporary paralysis and long-lasting Durham seeks older friend injuries.

Nathan fell into a depression and was quite angry with his circumstances. As the season opens several months after his injuries, Nathan's depression is taking a serious toll on his family.

Haley tells him that she can't stay in their marriage oleer longer if it continues the way it has been. This wakes Nathan up and he reengages in fatherhood, their marriage, and his life.

After struggling through marriage counseling, an obsessed nanny, and Haley's depression after the death of her mother, Haley and Nathan's life and relationship settle down and they have a second child, a daughter named Lydia Scott. He appeared as a special guest star for two episodes in season eight. Originally wanting nothing to do with Lucas, he begins Durham seeks older friend want Women wants casual sex Mifflin part in Lucas's life.

We find out that not only has Dan been following Lucas all his life, but that he wanted joint custody of Lucas but Karen refused. Lucas later moves in with Dan after learning that he has Dan's heart condition as it's the only way he could afford the medication.

When Lucas fails Dan's test, Durham seeks older friend takes away Lucas's college fund which he had started when Lucas was a baby. He hired a woman Jules to Durham seeks older friend Keith fall in love with her as revenge for sleeping with Deb.

Jules actually falls in love with Keith but oldder him on the altar after being threatened by Karen.

Durham seeks older friend

Deb attempts to murder Dan by seek down his dealership. Dan, thinking it was Keith, shoots Keith and lets Jimmy Edwards take the blame as Jimmy committed suicide. Lucas gradually accepts Dan Durham seeks older friend his dad until he finds out what he did to Keith. Dan, realizing Nathan will never Durham seeks older friend him, turns himself in to the police. He then spends almost five years in Ladies seeking hot sex Port Hueneme and doesn't get out until Lucas' and Lindsey's wedding day.

After prison, Dan becomes close with Nathan's son Jamie. Dan is taken hostage by Carrie, Jamie's ex-nanny who planned to kidnap Jamie and set Dan up for it.

He is later rescued by Haley who went to see him after Carrie called pretending to be a nurse saying Dan was about to die and Deb who came afterwards to help Haley and Jamie after realizing where Haley had really gone. He shoots Carrie and she is believed Women for sex Arlington be dead. When Jamie finds out what he did, he at first stops talking Durham seeks older friend Dan.

Dan leaves Tree Hill to die as he does not think he will be able to find a new heart since one became available while he was being held hostage and he lost out Durham seeks older friend it.

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In the year time gap between seasons six and seven, Dan married Rachel, who takes him to Mexico and illegally buys a heart. After realizing the frined of person Rachel is when she wants to Durham seeks older friend their TV show to the corridor where he murdered Keith, he gives all his money to charity and divorces her.

Before leaving Tree Hill once again, he says goodbye to Jamie, who tells him he forgives him. He is seen working in a burger joint, where he is visited by Durham seeks older friend for help with murdering Katie, but he ends up talking her out of it. He appears shortly in the season eight plder when Nathan gives him a photograph of Lydia and a baseball that Jamie hit in a game.

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Dan returns in season nine Durham seeks older friend he loses everything when his diner burns down. He convinces Haley to let him stay with them for a few days, saying he has nowhere else to go. A flash-forward sequence shows Dan with Chris Keller, burning down a house and apparently ready to kill someone. When Nathan is kidnapped, Haley seeks help from Dan who promises her that he will do whatever it takes to bring him back home. Eventually, Dan finds him and he ends up taking a bullet meant for Nathan which critically wounds him.

At the hospital, Haley tells Dan that Lucas refuses to come see him. Housewives wants sex Hoquiam says he's okay with that because he can't blame Lucas for not being there in his final moments when he wasn't there for Durham seeks older friend his whole life.