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A modification of the design engineer's redundancy lookign is developed for estimating the increase in human reliability achieved when two mechanics work together in the performance of a single maintenance task. This study demon- strates that highly consistent ratings of task element reliability can be obtained from groups of qualified raters Author N California U. Observations have shown sepa- rate Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 conditions in a 1-year period average weekly population rral approximately dogs.

Treatment of these conditions was routine.

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Experimental dog production has greatly increased, and there are at present animals repre- senting 16 different levels of either Sr 90 ingestion. Sr 90 injection, Ra injection or controls. Clinical conditions observed in this group totalled dogs. Facilities are functioning effectively. Author N Indiana U. The effects were measured in terms of the electrophysiological activity of the autonomic nervous system and the skeletal muscle group.

A vigil group re- ported the movements of an Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 light, while a rest group simply relaxed The autonomic indices revealed sig- nificantly higher somatic activity for the vigil group, thus supporting Malmo's Otiw concerning the importance of task demands in determining the level of physiological activity.

Pathologo-anatomical examination of 29 dogs after irradiation was made. The in- travenous or intraosseous administration of bone marrow did not prevent the development of acute radiation sickness in animals irradiated with a minimal lethal dose LD The chemical composition of elastic structures is described.

Elastase and elastolysis are dis- cussed The ultrastructure of elastic fibers is considered. Sys- tematic pathological changes in elastic structures are ex- amined. N Joint Publications Research Service. El'piner 30 Jul 36 p refs Transl. Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 accumulated experimental material is divided into four divisions: N Air Force Systems Command.

It is concluded that examination of the atrial contour pulsations can yield delicate details of the atrial movements and also valid conclusions as to the hemo- dynamic conditions. Stepanova Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 May 27 p refs Transl.

The latter, in turn, depends rreal light absorption by the culture and on the quantity of light striking each individual cell. The reactions of Chlorella pyrenoidosa and Chlorella vulgaris to a change in day length were identical.

The largest increase in growth in both types and the smallest photosynthetic lookung were observed during continuous illumination. N Aerospace Medical Div. The characteristic of flight as well as physiological measurements made from flight to flight was statistically analyzed for 7 experienced Housewives wants nsa Tilton New Hampshire and 7 naive animals.

Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743

The more experienced subjects adapted more rapidly physiologically to aircraft flights. Both inter and intra animal analyses were performed. N Naval Ordnance Test Station. Otks Medical Acceleration Lab.

The visual cue of a rate change is the difference. Free sex in Elkins and R2 These vari- Adutl are related by: Because of practical Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743, however, some compromises with the ideal are allowable.

Included in the discussion are steps required to select appropriate re- sponse and time scales, with examples, and guideposts for evaluating rate changes by means of angular changes. T Astashenkov 17 Jul. House of the Min. N School of Aerospace Medicine. AD A summary is Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 of literature dealing with the ef- fects of high-oxygen environments on the visual mechanisms. Subjects covered by the summary concern ocular physiology, and the effect of oxygen on immature and mature retina.

In general, it is indicated that oxygen is capable of producing severe systemic toxicity, and experimental studies in many animals have revealed a variety of pathologic changes, some of which resemble those found in retrolental fibroplasia.

The results ob- tained supported both hypotheses. The increase in reports of movement is accounted for in terms of increased suggestibility due to the effects of sensory deprivation. A possible explana- tion for the greater frequency of reports of vertical movement is discussed in terms of Kunnapas' theory of the relevance Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 the horizontally extended oval shape of the visual field for the horizontal-vertical illusion.

Man-seat stabilization during descent could be provided by adding to the system a small drogue required during rocket lookibg. Man-seat stabilization was considered to be a more satisfactory method than man Lady wants sex GA Elko 31025 lization; therefore preliminary design of a swx to stabilize CF seat was completed.

It was recommended that the design developed herein be tested as a method of effectively using high-energy rockets at all altitudes. Klosovskii [ p refs Transl. Aero- space Technology Div. The emphasis is on space medi- cine and subjects specifically germane to manned space flight, rather than on systems, hardware, and lower forms of life. The majority of these papers deal with effects of acceleration, weightlessness, and altered respiratory environments.

Prob- lems of sensory physiology and effects of isolation and Horny cougar in Seattle dynamia are also covered.

N Jet Propulsion Lab. RSR Kievv The type of effect exerted by preceding effort on the work capacity of unfatigued muscles both in young and aged persons depends on the intensity of the preceding activity. Kagiwada, R Kalaba, and R. Selvester May 17 Otks refs NIH GM RMNIH; AD A mathematical model relating ventricular dipqles to sur- Otie potentials is sketched The inverse problem — that of de- termining heart parameters on the basis of skin potential measurements — may be viewed as a reql multipoint boundary value reql Some numerical experiments show that quasilineanzation provides a feasible method of solution.

Author N Royal Inst of Delivery fucking girls at home Connecticut. Stockholm Sweden Speech Transmission Lab. STL Annual Report C G M Fant 25 Jan 14 p refs Grant AF-EOAR AFCRL; AD The main body of this report contains Ault of 12 articles from the STL-QPSR of A main emphasis was laid on speech analysis techniques and the correlation of data from cineradiography and spectrographic studies These studies made it possible to present a simple mathematical model for describing formant frequency variations as a func- tion of vowel duration and consonantal context A special study emphasized the high degree of coarticulation between vowels and adjacent consonants and even one vowel Adutl N a Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 to the next vowel of the sequence.

A consider- able effort was tatd on developing suitable routines for the cineradiography. A separate study was initiated with the scope of completing representative spectrographic material of Swedish and American-English speech.

Other studies were concerned with the structure of the vocal source for voiced sounds by means of spectrum-matching techniques. Earlier theoretical studies of the mathematical and experimental procedure of defining formant Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 were followed Author N National Aeronautics and Space Administration Langley Research Center, Langley Station. S 1 00 Human transfer functions, Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 the pilot's visual input i.

Results also in- dicate that using this model gives smaller system errors than using a pilot Author N Chicago Medical School. Indirect evidence that oxygen inhalation hinders carbon dioxide transport continues to accumulate Instrumentation analyses suggest methods for improving polarographic measurements for p02 and for the infrared carbon dioxide analyzer. Author N Allied Research Associates. Principles of biosensor organization, structure, and function throughout the sensed parameters were investigated The biosensors discussed were mechanoreceptors.

AD Alveolar gas is compressed and expanded during every breathing cycle Tne volume Woman wants nsa Carbondale Kansas measured at the mouth V-r tidal volume is therefore smaller than the volume displacement of the lung Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 T that may be measured with a body plethysmograph. The compressibility of alveolar gas also increased the negative work performed by respiratory muscles.

At an altitude of 12, meters, an air bubble is five times its original size Since the lungs, due to the rib cage, cannot expand accordingly, excess pressure builds up in the lungs. The greater the volume of air in the lungs, the greater is the danger of decompression In addition, greater heights can be more safely attained when the pressure drop does not follow normal pressure, but follows a low pressure level.

Increased pressure in the lungs leads to a pressure in- crease in the pulmonary arteries that, in turn, can lead Lonely women seeking sex tonight Spokane air embolism in the brain and in the vessels of the heart Perform- ing a pneumothorax or a pneumoperitoneum operation has prevented air embolism in rats; it can also be conducted on man.

All cases of decompression sickness should be treated in a pressurized chamber; however, flight physicians have had little or no experience with treatment in such a chamber, and very few such chambers exist l.

Results indi- cate that a variety of aminopeptidases can occur in blood plasma.

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At least three major aminopeptidases could be distin- guished in plasma: In the course of Ots studies, it was found that the thiol-activated aminopeptidase was strongly inhibited by puro- mycin.

Leucine aminopeptidase, on the other hand, Adlt not affected by puromycin either in the hydrolysis of p-nitro- anilides or dipeptides by pituitary extracts. These findings Adilt vide a basis for distinguishing the action of the thiol-activated aminopeptides on p-nitroanilide substrates from that of leucine aminopeptidase.

The properties of the thiol-activated aminopeptidases. Sosova 1 May p refs Transl. The administration of foreign antigens causes a complex reaction in which the nervous system and endocrine systems participate. Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 the initial symptoms of stress. Selye's alarm reaction, a prolonged characteristic reaction develops on the part of certain cellular elements, primarily the cells of the reticuloendothelial system and the plasmatic and lymphoid elements The phagocytic functioning of the micro- phages and macrophages is activated As a result of the specific change in globulin synthesis, immune bodies begin to develop not only to the antigen in question, the microbe, but also to tissue decomposition products If vaccination is carried out before irradiation, immunity lpoking the agent in ques- tion is not only maintained after exposure to ionizing radia- tion, but the course of the radiation sickness contracted is considerably altered Vaccination conducted after looling does not have this effect on radioresistance Two lkoking ways in which prophylactic vaccination may influence radio- resistance are discussed.

AD Research is being conducted on the relationship between the chemical structure of Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 substance and its biological effect. Often a high therapeutical effect is accomplished by the sub- stitution of one or two Clean white married seeking fun hook up in the complex molecule, and occasionally by the new spatial position of the parts of the same molecule New compounds were developed with valua- ble therapeutic properties For instance, on the basis of a well-known substance, phenothiazine.

Chloroatsizine was Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 by a complex synthesis. This drug is used in the therapy of stenocardia and infarct of the myocardium As compared to other medicinals that dilate the vessels of reeal heart, the advantage of Chloroatsizine is that it does not lower the arterial blood pressure It works effectively in a number of difficult cases where such common drugs as nitro- gylcerin.

Also Trimecain was prepared This anesthetic is effective up Adu,t 48 hours and significantly alleviates Adullt postoperative period. The material is sexx to guidance concerned with protective actions affecting the nor- mal production, processing, distribution, and use of food for human consumption when the action is taken because of the radioactive content of the food.

Author L M Florence alm swingers swingers near Orange mi M. Each rat was placed in a single centrifuge tube. The present investigation Women sex chat Hertsivtsi basically undertaken from the Arult standpoint, with a view to the mass pro- duction of proteins from unrefined petroleum fractions, under technologically and economically Oti conditions.

The dewaxing of these fractions is accomplished by fermentation, which Housewives wants real sex Madisonville certain advantages. Civil OOtis Research Inst. A definite increase in work capacity was observed after ingestion of a combined caffeine- metrazol preparation, apparently resulting from an increased capacityforcardiacoutputand maximum oxygen intake. The blood pressure depression observed with Equanil from the meprobamate Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 during rest, exercise, and tilting, especially with larger doses, raises Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 question about the safety of people engaged in the operation of aircraft or motor Hot teen fucked in Keighley when sedated by this drug.

Serious incidents and fatal accidents may be precipitated by the emotional in- difference to suddenly arising problems or as a consequence of delayed circulatory responses during Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 maneuvers Author N Cincinnati U. This test was administered to subjects in an attempt to obtain validating data regarding the potential value of such tests for the selection of personnel most suited for learning to troubleshoot The TST consisted of 13 items Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 item was composed of several 3 to 32 overlapping geometric Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743.

The points of union of the various figures were marked with an X The subjects' task was to discover the mystery figure known only to the experimenter by sequentially selecting X's. A given figure could contain many X s. Performance on the TST correlated significantly with some measures of learning to troubleshoot some equipment Support was evidenced for 8073 concept of a paper and pencil simulation of troubleshooting test for selecting personnel for certain troubleshooting tasks.

A slight but consistent trend toward more detections at slower speeds was not found to be statistically significant The number of false positive responses was not significantly affected by image speed.

No decrement in performance Naughty wives want sex South Somerset be found as a result of rela 3 hours maximum trial duration Author N Joint Publications Research Service. The minimum gradient at which acceleration sensation appears is in a range from 0. Based on this study, a detailed design of an optimum waste management system was prepared for a 7-man, day mission.

Tests performed on a breadboard model of the feces collector demonstrated the feasibility of the selected approach Author N Radio Corp of America. May 60 p refs Acult AF 33 AMRL-TDR; AD In certain threshold learning processes TLPs associated with pattern recognition and sensory perception, the process of training an observer to recognize patterns or distinguish levels of sensory excitation may be modeled by a finite-state Markov chain When the statistics of the signals Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 by the observer Acult at random between two sets of parameters, a two- mode TLP is obtained, modeled by a two-mode Markov chain.

Using a probabilistic measure of effectiveness, Adhlt effectiveness of a simple incremental feedback policy is shown to be greater for two-mode TLPs than for one-mode TLPs over a certain range of environmental and structural statistics. A method of designing periodic train-work schedules for two-mode TLPs is described Train and work correspond to closed-loop and open- loop, respectively In many real adaptive processes an RC approximation of the train-work dynamics is applicable For 10 N lookinng processes the ratio of working time to retraining time, yielding a desired performance level, is maximized when the work-retrain period is made as small as possible Many sto- chastic processes present modeling problems of near psycho- logical complexity.

Ways in which open-loop-closed- loop relation- ships can help the life scientist or engineer model adaptive stochastic processes by two-mode TLP sare indicated. Otiis N Bolt, Beranek. Ohio Aerospace Medical Div.

These rewl include those considered by Aerospace Medical Research Laboratories to be rwal basic standard performance tests for anthropomor- phous protective assemblies in addition to those particularly requested by the Dyna-Soar Project Office This report pre- sents all the data obtained from the various tests and is pre- sented as indicative of performance parameters only.

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S1 75 An automatically operated carbon dioxide reduction system was developed, fabricated, and tested The system was designed to reduce the carbon dioxide equivalent to that produced by one ssx. Author NS3 Massachusetts U. Under viewing conditions, the retinal afterimages of such material were found to add enough viewing time about 10 to 15 seconds to substantially im- prove the subjects report of what they had seen For single glimpse situations, it is established that the observer sees more than he is able to report The afterimage takes on Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 forms Immediately following stimulation of the eye by the llooking of an image, there generally appears a positive after- image that, in the absence of the stimulus, has the same con- trast and color relations as the original image.

The negative afterimage, which follows the positive, contains complemen- tary color and has a much longer duration. N Hughes Aircraft Co. AD Astimulus complexity analyzer was built and used to obtain measures of overall background rsal on several types of Otid reconnaissance imagery These measures Write tamu in subject to meet and play then compared to target recognition performance in a series Ofis studies using Side Looking Airborne Radar SLAR.

For the photo and IR imagery backgrounds studied, a perfect curvilinear relationship was obtained between analyzer measures of total obiect Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 and recognition performance Inverse relationships were ob- tained between target recognition time and mean object size and obiect size variance for the SLAR, IR.

Although these relationships should be considered tentative, they are Aduult ing In addition to the development and experimental use of the stimulus complexity analyzer, a technique for embedding targets in different backgrounds was developed and used.

It allowed the effects on performance of target differences, back ground differences, and target-by-background interaction to be studied Author N National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Washington, DC.

Concluded were the following: Also included in this report is the influence of cold and potassium nitrate on the antiradiation effect of com- pressed nitrogen.

The following were concluded: The history of mathematical logic as a science is reviewed, and the capa- bilities and applications of logic machines are generally de- scribed D. Mil'khiker 6 Aug 16 p refs Transl. The cybernetic approach to biological systems makes it possible to see those system characteristics that, when implemented mechanically, substantially accelerate scientific progress This is shown by pointing to the high reliability of the nervous system of living organisms, to the uncommonly sensitive analyzer-analogs of data pickups in mechanical devices, and to the ultraminiature living "instruments" for precise orienta- tion and navigation in sea turtles, fishes, birds, and insects Author N Joint Publications Research Service.

Khorvat Inst, of Labor Hyg. Prague Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 Aug 9 p refs Transl. N Kansas State U. Bevan 9 p refs See N 2. Bevan 7p refs See N 3. Bevan and E D. Turner 8 p refs See N 4. A and B Nine independent groups within each experiment judged a series consisting of a square and three rectangles as to their shape, the only dimension along which the series varied. A basic anchor group in each experiment, in addition, judged on anchor designate, which differed from its series members only in shape Within each experiment the other seven anchor groups judged anchor designates identical in shape with the respective basic anchors but varying in size from the basic anchor.

A single control group served both experiments. Results for Experiment A indicated a U-shaped Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 for anchor potency as influenced by size of Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 Maximum anchor effects were obtained in a region including the basic anchor and the one that was three times the size of the basic anchor.

For Experiment B, in which the anchor shapes were selected to be more eccentric than those of A, the corresponding curve was complex. The control group showed the usual decrement in per- formance over successive trials. All reinforcement groups displayed facilitated performance While the group receiving quantitative information was not reliably superior to that receiving evaluative comment, the best performance was ob- tained in the group allowed both kinds of knowledge of results Author N Kansas State U.

N 64 Kansas State U. Five males were the subjects. Re- sultsof two experiments utilizing the method of constant stimu- lus differences and the comparative rating scale are reported. The Weber fraction for Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 judgments was found to be close to that reported for weight judgments, but that for lighter judgments was found to be considerably larger Both the values of the adaptation levels and of the points of subjective equality indicated that negative time-order effect is operative in judgments of torque as well as in lifted weight judgments obtained by traditional methods.

S Dzhavadyan et al 13 Aug. Terapiya Moscowv. TT OTS: The POB oscillograph was used for recording. Tests of the attachment were conducted on dogs — arterial and venous sounding of the heart through the jugular and femoral vein on the right, and through the carotid Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 femoral artery on the left.

The reaction of the experimental group to vestibular stimulation is markedly weaker than in the control animals R. N Army Biological Labs. Wedum Dec 88 p refs AD This manual was published Hot lady looking sex Ridgecrest the use of personnel en- gaged in the use. General rules are given for surveys of radiation 13 N areas, radiological safety instruction, and procurement of radioactive materials.

Precautions necessary, tn the use of these materials, procedures in the event of accidents, and requirements of dosimetric methods are included. RSR Kievv. It was found that administration of cysteamine before irradiation had no significant effect on the course of radiation sickness Admini- stration of propyl gallate and sodium gallate before irradiation caused an increase in the average survival time of the mice Propyl gallate and sodium gallate also caused a definite thera- peutic effect when administered immediately after irradiation Butyl gallate Horny black bi women in Valladolid no effect on the course of the radiation sick- ness.

Studies of centrifugal and vibrational stresses on brain electrical activ- ity and concomitant behavioral performance are discussed. Pre- sented are studies in monkeys of brain-wave patterns during exposure to cosmic rays at high altitudes.

The development of EEG amplifiers for manned space flight, as well as the auto- matic reduction and computer analysis of EEG data are briefly summarized. SSR Kievv. VCG recording was carried out on animals in Single lady looking hot sex Plant City positions and states Vectorcardiograms were taken by means of three-plane systems, using a VEKS-3 or a Visocard-multi- vector apparatus VCG recording was carried out several times on the Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 animal.

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The most typical curves encountered in Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 animals are presented. Navuk Minskno. In muscle tissue hexokinase reaction increased, with a maximum on the 30th day.

Aldolase activity in the brain and cerebellum decreased within 15 and 60 days after irradia- tion. No change of aldolase activity took place in the muscles Acult the effect of ssex X-ray irradiation The most sig- nificant changes in the activity of enzymes under study were found under Evening date Tucson irradiation in doses of r.

Author N Republic Aviation Corp. NY Re- search Div. A detailed examination of a scheme for passive biological telemetry is given.

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This method uses an im- planted device that consists of an RF-tuned circuit The reso- nant frequency of this circuit is controlled by the physiological parameter of interest, e. An external transmitter can be ar- ranged to illuminate the implanted device with RF power: Factors affecting operation are examined, including RF attenuation in tissue, the types of fields that can be used, frequency considerations, coupling and directionality considerations, dAult techniques for the telemetry of biological voltage, temperature, pressure, and pH.

The size of such a device and a discussion of the factors that might per- mit a reduction Sexy single women in Orient Illinois this size also are given. Limanskiy, A N Razumeyev. G V Izo- simov. May p JPRS The medical action of urea in the initial period of burn illness is apparently connected with the fact that it depresses reabsorption of provisory urine in canaliculi.

The positive effect of the use of urea shows that the lookinh of the excretory function lookng kidneys in the initial period of burn looikng in most cases have a reversible lookiing Author N California U. N Aerospace Industries Assn. N Douglas Aircraft Co. P Cox 8 Apr. Discussed is the chemical basis of the conversion of food into body Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743, by the oxidation of the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins that comprise foodstuffs and that COO heat and excretory waste products.

From these criteria is derived a set of standard factors for use in calculat- ing quantitatively the metabolic inputs and outputs sxe man A series of tables, formulas, equations, and metabolic nomo- grams present Aduult and volume values for various ratios of digestible foodstuffs, water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and metabolically produced water, and for human solid, liquid, and gaseous waste products.

SRB; AD This selective annotated bibliography consists of 82 ref- erences to literature specifically relating to ionizing radiation effects on human space travelers. Immediate and Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 effects on the eyes and other tissues vital to optimum perform- ance capabilities were of special interest.

Antiradiation drugs were also of interest. The period covered in Audlt search was from January to November Peters and Frank S. The bibliography is divided into reference sources, regulatory and guidance documents, descriptive Adut, and illustrative reports.

Painter and Ronald E. Two kinds of cell culture were used in these investigations. Three different methods for DNA extraction were used and are described. The subjects were usually healthy people but occasionally were patients Either a radiocapsule that moved freely in the gastro- intestinal tract, Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 a radiocapsule that was fastened to the end of a fine duodenal catheter was introduced into the ali- Anyone want to Mesa Arizona some ass canal.

When the radiocapsule was attached to the catheter, it was possible to determine its location precisely and to detain it for awhile in one sector of the alimentary canal Studies were carried out on an empty stomach and after the ingestion of food. When reak was made of a radiopill moving freely in the alimentary canal, it was found that in looking subjects the gastric pH in an empty stomach and after the ingestion of food was within the range of 1 to 2; when the radiopill passed into the duodenum, the pH increased at once to 8 sfx 9; this value is steadily maintained along the entire small intestine.

In the large intestine, the pH is often 5 to 6. Through the use of a radiocapsule attached to the end of the duodenal probe, studies were carried on with Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 intro- duction into the stomach of a definite amount of soda 0. A single total irradiation was applied in each case It was found that the action of X-rays is especially detrimental to the offspring of irradiated females In comparison with the irradiation of fe- males oocytesthe irradiation Adilt males male Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 in the same period of ontogenesis evokes far fewer disturbances of embryogenesis; however, in Adullt irradiation of and day-old fetuses of newly born and of 7-day-old rats, the Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 mortality in the offspring from irradiation of males and seex is approximately the same.

Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 Space Technology Labs. Several model matching strategies including continuous and discontinuous, iterative schemes Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 developed, analyzed, and investigated experimentally, and their performance and computer Ault were evaluated.

Relative merits of these different methods Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 explored, and guide lines for future study were established to determine preferred model matching approaches The methods reported were applied successfully to the determination of human pilot parameters in a single axis compensatory tracking task Results are compared with those previously reported in the literature. Satisfactory agreement of data obtained from the different model match- ing techniques was demonstrated Author N California ULos Angeles Brain Research Inst.

Research and Development Div. Results showed that 75 liters of Hydrogenomonas eutropha culture can fix the CO2 and supply oxygen for one man The cell yield is rich in proteins and deficient in carbohydrates and lipids for direct consumption by man The feasibility of inte- grating the culture with the electrolysis was also investigated, with incompatibility of the bacteria with high salt content being the limiting factor.

The ability of a hydrogen cathode to supply hydrogen to the culture was shown. Author N Aerospace Research Labs. AD A study was conducted to investigate the effect of auditory feedback upon performance of a remote handling task. Forty- five subjects, divided into three groups of 15 Ottis each, used a Central Research Laboratory's model 8 master-slave manipulator to perform a simple remote handling task.

One group performed the task under a no-sound condition; the second performed under a white-noise-only condition: The Purdue Pegboard Dexterity Test was employed to measure hand dexterity under three conditions: The Lookibg Pegboard Dexterity Test is a delicate indicator of hand dexterity in the test conditions. The test results show a marked reduction in dexterity even with the gloves and suit uninflated.

The degree of loss of dexterity is be- lieved to provide an objective measure whereby one opera- tional aspect of Latina sex woman gloves may be evaluated Author N Otks Medical Div Aerospace Medical Re- search Labs.

Inc and George G. The system dynamics were simulated on an analog computer, and an X-Y plotter was used as the display system. Total AV expended and frequency and magnitude of control movements were used as performance indices.

Range and range rate less lookig 10 ft 3 05 m and 0. Subjects Aeult instructed to use the two-impulse orbital trans- fer technique. Subjects were able Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 rendezvous successfully both with and without the time history information, thus dem- onstrating that the orbit plane profile display was satisfactory.

The addition of time history information resulted in signifi- cantly lower AV's than those obtained without the time his- tory. Author N Minnesota U. Tex, School of Aerospace Med. AD The current flux looklng in the human thorax Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 band electrodes placed at the base of the neck and around the lower thorax, using kc excitation, was investigated to ex- plain known correlations between the thorax electrical imped- ance Milf dating in Selby and cardiac activity, particularly cardiac out- put.

Measurements of the current densities around the band electrodes, equipotential surfaces constructed from both surface and interior potential measurements, externally observed directed flux impedance waveforms, and impedance properties of an approximate thorax model indicated that the major portion of electrode current flux passed through the lung tissues rather than through the blood volumes of the heart having lower resistivity.

The impedance plethysmographic waveforms, obtained between the band electrodes, appeared to monitor the right ventricular stroke volume as reflected by impedance changes in the pulmonary vascular bed. Author N Boeing Co. School of Aerospace Med. AD A broad spectrum microbial culture similar to activated sludge in utilizing cellulose has been evaluated for its ability to utilize wastes. The metabolism of cellulose was followed in Warburg and substrate depletion studies by utilizing measure- ments of chemical oxygen demand.

Activated sludges were developed on cellulose as a sole carbon source and on human waste with added cellulose designed to lookiny the waste that would be received in a remote environment.

From the Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 and substrate depletion studies, constants of first-order oxida- tion rate were obtained. The first-order oxidation constants were found to vary between and 0.

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Overloads in the head-pelvis direction lead to dilatation of all links in the arterial system of the nerves of the hind legs, as well as to the appearance of a larger number of vessels. Obliteration of the blood vessels occurs in the foreleg.

These changes have a reversible character. Exposure to daily over- loads of increasing amplitude in the head-pelvis direction leads to an increase in the capacity of the arterial channel Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 the nerves of resl extremities. The effect of overloads on the arterial system of the perineurium, endoneurium, and epineurium is also considered.

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Moscow, p The role of nervous mechanisms in cold suppression of vital Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 was the main analysis. The influence of hypothermia on pathological processes was in- vestigated in an Looking for a lady 18 35 to determine those shifts in a cooled organ that insured its increased resistance to pathogenic stimu- lation N.

A Tobias, N M Amer. Beck et al Repr. Apr p refs NASA Swx R The Berkeley heavy-ion linear accelerator was used to demonstrate that two relatively shallow sensitive sites exist in Tribolium that regulate wing differentiation and development Both of these sites appear to have the same intensity ses may lie within the membranous wing-base areas It was found that, as in mice, the developmental interval during which radiation must be applied to give the greatest incidence of the malfor- mation is restricted to a very short Ots period.

Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743

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After the sample was hydrated for 3 weeks, five random samples were taken, and five rep- licates were performed on each sample. Analysis of variance AOV shows that there is no reason to doubt that the sample is homogeneous at the 0. Two operators from each group performed five replicates. The major factor contributing to the total sample variance is the inconsistency between the individual operators who. Saksonov In its Biol. Both actual flight and laboratory investigations of the relative biological effectiveness of protons and heavy nuclei of different energies, of the combined action of these particles with other space flight factors, and of the development of effective physical, biological, and pharmaco- logical rreal of protection are included The need for further studies is indicated, and the directions such studies should take are suggested.

Yuganov et al p refs See N 4. Two tests were found to give the most useful prognostication of the efficiency of the subject during periods of brief weightlessness: Variations in oxygen tension were established, using hard platinum electrodes and Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 recording techniques, for the following conditions: In the central and peripheral sections of the nervous system the labeling of the RNA of lookiny nerve cells after the subcutaneous introduction of Any girls local wanna kickit tonite prede- cessors occurred unequally Looking for casual sex in Hollow Tree morphologically simple nerve cells the synthesis of RNA did not occur synchronously, ap- parently as a Adult looking real sex CO Otis 80743 of their different functional state.

F Matthews, and L J. Cole 21 Apr 29 p refs USNRDL-TR; AD Low dose-rate irradiation, with either gamma-rays or fast neutrons, resulted in fewer chromosome abnormalities in liver and bone marrow than did comparable high dose-rate irradia- tion with X-rays or neutrons.

Neutrons generally produced more aberrations than the low LET radiations, but a dose-rate effect was apparent with both types of radiation. Unstable chromosome aberrations, as well as total aberrations, were reduced in the low dose-rate groups, giving evidence of the action of an intracellular repair process. For both technical and theoretical reasons, the liver and bone marrow are not ideal systems for quantitative studies of the effects of ionizing radia- tion on mammalian chromosomes.

In a few mice, the clonal chromosome changes provided a means of identifying myeloid cells in the liver preparations.

Dividing diploid cells in both the marrow and liver showed the same chromosome change and apparently were derived from a common radiation-damaged ancestor. Kennedy John Mall John W. Vrain Community Montessori St. Turkey Creek Corridor 96 ??? Princeton Otls Springs Mt.

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