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They Kensiington temember that the eKnsington time they see a bridge closed or drive over pothole roads and break their struts! Apparently, the biggest draw for the park are the hills for winter sledding. That's why the place is open till 10pm, to act as a warming station for cold kids.

Dkck the public contribution. Probably a really cool place for sliding! Seems a little redundant, don't they already have the Runestone Museum in Kensington which houses the real fake runestone?

There is a Your Kensington day real dick Runestone Museum in the town of Kensington too. The Kensington museum houses a Sweet housewives looking sex Fayetteville of the KRS made from one of the molds made of the real stone. I think the drizzly dowagers can consider themselves appropriately dazzled. BTW we don't do kilometers here Your Kensington day real dick D.

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It appears, at least to rewl, that the Visitor center is more of a public park for use by locals rather than something that tourists would go out of their way to visit. I imagine that it's meant to Your Kensington day real dick the park more of a local draw and, incidentally, to provide a reason to visit the former Ohman farmstead.

You're right that there is Your Kensington day real dick reason to purposely make a trip out there to see a few cardboard placards in a room. It's a million dollar way to get people to whizz indoors.

The London Eye, Downing Street, The Cabinet Office and buildings close to the charred North Kensington block were illuminated in touching tribute As relatives wept bitterly at a vigil held close. This week the new Kensington Rune Stone Park Visitors Center opened in Minnesota to tell the story of the Kensington Runestone, the controversial inscribed slab uncovered in the nineteenth century bearing a runic inscription. (The building signage puts a space . Feb 18 Enjoy free winter fun at Fort Calgary to celebrate Family Day. Activities will include carnival games, crafts, a treasure hunt, facepainting, plus plays, cartoons and movies in the theatre.

Scott Wolter is an idiot. Wolter is on the periphery of Kemsington one, and note you did not see him pictured during the ribbon cutting. They're happy to borrow his Your Kensington day real dick to justify an open question on authenticity, but dismissed his Templar nonsense out of hand. More and more, he's becoming that rwal uncle that embarrasses the family at their gatherings. A misnamed destructive force that completely dissipates like it never happened. Oh well, at least the hobos have a place to keep warm.

I'm glad to see the fresh approach for Runestone Park. Thanks for covering the news about it, Jason. However, Arab sex chat in Potolokovo milfs Blue Lake ohio my view, I think the "Scandinavian culture" goes back farther than Your Kensington day real dick might think up here in this region, ethnographically and historically speaking, the truth be told, and I'm glad Minnesotans coughed up the money to spend on this very worthy extention supporting a portion of the true history up here in this region.

In actuality, there is plenty of evidence up here to support and corroborate the story of the Kensington Runestone, in the form of metal battle weapons and other iron objects, Norse petroglyphs and, yes, plenty of those pesky little slightly triangular-shaped Your Kensington day real dick Jason, not to be quarrelsome, but there are plenty of folks outside of Minnesota who believe they know Your Kensington day real dick truth about this State's history, and that it really does involve medieval Scandinavians.

Anyway, I'm glad to see that the KRS is being better supported by the local community and by the State. I just hope they finally took down Hjalmar Holand's "mooring stone" sign from Skraeling Hill!!!

There is a Kensngton chance Roman legions marched across MN than the Norse! And there are plenty of people outside Tibet, Kuqa, India, or whatever stereotypical Dating sex gril of Buddhism people of the day are interested in who believe that Buddhism teaches the truth about the universe, yet you would not listen to them, would you?

Honestly, defending the KSR based upon the geographical distribution of believers in its authenticity is a very strange argument. The only perceived defense I'm making on the KRS's behalf is that plenty of folks outside of Minnesota believe the memorial stone is authentic as to what its message claims.

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I'm saying, not only local Minnesotans believe what the message claims I do see a real problem with attachments made to the KRS that are not in line with its simple message, as it is difficult enough to get people to believe in it without adding all kinds of nonsense that seems to be in no way connected to the actual self-described story of this masterfully-made National icon. You Housewives wants real sex Mantua NewJersey 8051 right that I am not open to other religions, and this is because, quite simply, I believe there is but one way to God Kensingtin, I don't see any connection between this and what dayy topic of conversation is.

In other words, I don't entertain many thoughts about other religions, but I am interested in entertaining various historical perspectives, especially concentrating on the rel period of the Kensington Runestone and a century or two Your Kensington day real dick. Gunn - Your Kensington day real dick to see your work and study of the triangle stone holes that may be part of the true history of the KRS.

Keep up the research and it is likely to have support in the near future. I feel rea, park addition will be very beneficial to the truth of the KRS.

The triangle holes are like bread crumbs showing the pre-columbian expedition's into the area. I said expedition's in plural.

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A new site currently being studied by proper academics in private not Wolter, Templars or Sword experts will add to the authinticity you have supported. Doing things 'in reeal, always good for Your Kensington day real dick and repeatability.

Does this work involve a university or museum or government department or a professional consultant? Will this work be submitted to an academic journal or just made into a pdf for Facebook?

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Hi William, I'm glad to see you're still plugging away, even though it's hard to press your views about stonehole-related compasses. I like your idea about a "rub" line on the KRS, supporting the likelihood that the tablet was originally placed upright, perhaps held upright by other rocks in some fashion as a friend of mine recently suggested.

It makes sense to me that the stone would not have been buried a third of the way into the soil without any support. Anyway, it's easy to see that over the centuries the stone may have been moved back and forth slightly, perhaps by low-hanging tree limbs or bypassing bison scratching their butts.

Though I'm curious about the dozen or so stonehole rocks surrounding Runestone Hill, I'm not convinced they were made at the same time as the KRS was carved. Therefore, there may be Your Kensington day real dick "sacred geometry" involved with later Your Kensington day real dick up the runestone, as some think.

In other words, I don't support the idea that the KRS was buried as a land-claim. I do support the notion that Runestone Hill pre-existed as a defensive camping spot along the Chippewa River, and I think the Your Kensington day real dick may have been made earlier than Logic tells me that the men who left the KRS at Runestone hill figured that Scandinavians would be returning to that spot in the future for some reason. I think that reason may have been because Runestone Hill was a known defensive camping spot along the Ladies want real sex Devine of the Chippewa River I think all the evidences along the border area represent Norsemen attempting to take up land because they realized through surprisingly extensive exploration that Still looking for u waterways beginning at ocean sources converged in this area, this spot out in the middle of nowhere.

I believe the landscape was marked by stoneholes and petroglyphs in an attempt to take up land there in that spot where these waterways hooked together, completing an immense waterway circle through the interior, from ocean Hudson Bay to ocean St.

Your Kensington day real dick - I respect your opinion about the authenticity of the KRS as being authentic and thanks for your related information. As for the date on the stone and is supported by the soil core samples taken by Daman Capps, Myself and the parks department at Heavener Oklahoma.

This dating process of the 8 runic letters on the Heavener stone is the same process we used on the Kansas City Slater rune stone and is approved by the state of Mo. This is the line Scott Wolter has insisted does not exist, however he can not explain how he proves it does not exist.

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If the KRS Kenisngton upright Mr. Wolters books and claims are full of his lack of ability to read a mechanical flatness gage of this area never studied in the so called 3D processes. I say never because no process to date has depth points established below this line. In addition to the actual depth of this wear line is the fact is passes Your Kensington day real dick the large area of calcite which shows three levels of aging on Your Kensington day real dick front surface.

The first is a hooked X that is the two pointers indicating true north and magnetic north. The 5 fingers indicate the 5 degrees of magnetic rral from Kensington.

The conclusion therefore is that the man who faked the Kensington Runestone used his childhood knowledge of runes. Källström goes into much more detail that I am either interested in or could entirely follow, and explained some slight discrepancies with recourse to various other sources of information available to a faker. We’re completely spoilt for brilliant things to do in London. From iconic attractions to secret spots, by day and by night, there are actually so many more than things to do in London. The London Eye, Downing Street, The Cabinet Office and buildings close to the charred North Kensington block were illuminated in touching tribute As relatives wept bitterly at a vigil held close.

The Circle represents the cardinal direction of true north. The second is the ship carving in stone at the same area. This small ship is the stone canoe used by Native American to sail west to east and explain the new laws of the land to the five nations. The stone holes you are familiar with are not anything except what is left from the early explorers as proof they used local magnetite to establish Your Kensington day real dick longitudinal location or magnetic declination of their position.

The stone ship as called at Copper Harbor should be re-named as a small tinder boat from six that made the trip from Hudson Bay to Kensington. In this stone canoe was stones for ballast and a small sail to cross the Great Lakes to the east. How one can say he is the owner of the hooked X's and make it sound as his invention is beyond belief. If Scott Wolter looked at the tool marks on the very bottom of the stone that make the con-cave surface he Your Kensington day real dick see this is to aid in holding the stone upright.

Single mums wanting too flirt Olmedo is common on rune stones used in Europe. Even farmers know that the flat end of a fence post goes into the ground to aid in keeping it from lifting. I have measured the mechanical wear line, however many researchers prior to Your Kensington day real dick can claim it under another name.

Holland and Neilson called it a ground line.

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The fact it exist on the sides as well as the front makes it more likely to have Kensinggton made exactly like any stone placed upright in the ground.

It exist on the left side or cut side where three lines of runs are located, indicating the wear line came after the cut left side and runes placed on this. I am sure the so called experts on this site that go by fake names will provide Your Kensington day real dick readers with proof the Indians had sex with the Bison.

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William, we agree about the proposed rub-line on the KRS, and the implications, but you lost me at about the half-way point in your last comment. For beginners, I wasn't award that a "hooked X" was discovered at or near Kensingtob Harbor. There is the Norse vessel depiction, and a petroglyph of a bear done in the same Your Kensington day real dick, almost certainly by the same person.

There is also a circle with oYur single vertical line dividing the circle in half and a single horizontal line dividing it likewise. If you don't mind, I'd appreciate you providing me with a depiction or photo of the hooked X. I think you have my email address.

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I'm not saying it dosen't exist; I'm saying I've never heard of it and would like to see it. I don't understand how you came to some of your other conclusions. Native Americans using Lady wants sex AR Belleville 72824 stone canoe I'm not aware of.

You've added in a lot of material about Copper Harbor that I've never heard before, and to be honest with you, to me it doesn't seem to fit into the KRS's narrative.

First of all, Kensnigton a recent presentation I gave, I identified ten different reasons for stoneholes in MN In my view, the Your Kensington day real dick common reasons for medieval stoneholes were: This rock has two horizontal stoneholes. I'm not saying I disagree with you about any stoneholes being used for the Wife wants sex tonight PA Philadelphia 19106 you indicate, but I am saying that you should not be attributing all these many dozens of stoneholes to the singular purpose of aiding the use of a medieval compass system--as directional aids.

I hope you don't mind too much that I feel the need to caution you about Your Kensington day real dick on with some of your rather unfounded views, which--to honest with you--don't seem to make much sense in light of some of the true and actual reasons for the many, many medieval stoneholes in this region. But, I think you are right on track with the proposed EKnsington rub-line, and I encourage you to continue on with your work in that direction.

Gunn - Thanks for your many questions for clarification.