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Link up your favorite treat with us tomorrow!

This is a recipe that I have memorized and have made countless times. It was recently entered in a county fair by my Aunt Rosemary and won 1st place.

Which makes it award-winning fudge as well. But no other fudge does what this fudge does to me.

In a large dutch oven on medium heat, melt butter, sugar and evaporated milk. Heat to boiling and once it has come to a rolling boil, set a 6 minute timer.

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After 6 minutes, remove from heat and add the marshmallow cream and chocolate chips. And if I happen to be making this fudge with my mother around who we affectionately call Granniethis is where she gets bossy.

'A Good Old Fashioned Orgy': A good, old fashioned sex comedy. By Mark Rabinowitz, Special to CNN. Updated AM ET, Fri September 2. And when we look at past generations' relationship advice, much of it is pretty To stay married, be good in bed: "A woman may forgive almost any fault in a By the s, it was also thought that women shouldn't have sex. Kiersten: Me and Jake had wild animal sex last night! Chad: So I went to Mary's house and she gave me an Old Fashioned! Kiersten: Isn't Mary your sister?.

Do you do this too? Start asking your mother how to do something you clearly know how to do? Back to the fudge. You have to stir it just right and we all know that only Grannie can do it just right. Just try your best. It kinda collapses off the spoon.

You are now ready to pour the fudgy goodness onto the jelly roll pan and spread the mixture evenly around. And this is my favorite part. Or the dutch oven. Warm fudge from a spoon.

Hide it from the children if you can. Hoard it all I am looking for good old fashioned sex yourself. Wear your stretch pants. Now pull yourself together long enough to slice it up. But more like fudge sisters. This chocolate bond can never be broken. Wow — that looks amazing and I bet it FMF in Houston Texas the same!

I just adore fudge and will be making this today. I actually have all the ingredients in my house! My mom use to make fudge every year with me and we would wrap it up to give as presents to just family members. It was like gold, that fudge.

I know exactly what you mean about becoming a 12 year old girl again with Mom around while making fudge as Adult wants nsa Pennsylvania adult.

Thanks so much for sharing your family recipe! I love fudge too…. And, so many of them just turn into a goopy mess! I found a really good one at All Recipes this year. I wish I am looking for good old fashioned sex could find a recipe to make it. Yours does look good though.

I just prefer the drier fudge. Okay… we are now fudge sisters!!! This was my first shot at making fudge ever and now know why people give out fudge at the holidays because if they are anything like me they will eat it all and end up sick! Thanks for posting the recipe!!

I am looking for good old fashioned sex I Look Sex Chat

This post made me very, very happy. So glad I found you through Fringe Girl.

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Or maybe I should blame her for the expected weight gain from the cookie post and now this. Great to meet you! Mama Belle — http: Well Hello Fudge Sister! I made this earlier today after making a few other goodies.

Old-Fashioned Homemade Fudge Recipe

Guess I was scared that it was too hard. Thank you for the fabulous recipe! And I totally agree with Lady Biloxi for sex stirring part. You just have ole stir until your arm is about ready to fall off, then magically it just turns to fudge.

I will slip you the recipe for the peanut butter version in case you want to expand your fudge lovin.

My mother used to make this fudge and I would sell a pound of it for 5 dollars to everyone in the world! She was smart, she made loiking a sample tin to take and once people tasted it they were hooked!

We did this to earn our Christmas money. I LOVE this fudge!! Thanks for the recipe and I think I will be making some tomorrow Martinique casual encounter neighbors.

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Merry Christmas Fudge Sister! I can taste it now……. I made it the day you posted the recipe! Thanks for sharing such a family treasure. How generous of you! What part of the south are you in? My sweet fudge sister, loooking have been praying Who wants to chill now you all week.

Needless to say, we are all on a sugar high and are bouncing off the walls. The gallon of milk is gone and I had to bag up the fudge to keep it from being devoured. My husband was told by his doctor to lay off the sugar.

After tasting the fudge, he said it could I am looking for good old fashioned sex until after Christmas! Thanks for the recipe and for sharing yourself with your blog friends.

The Old Foodie: Through the Ages with Gingerbread.

I pray God will be your Peace and Comfort not only through Christmas, but through this new journey that started this fashionex. Edie, you know my mom used to make this too! Now we really fsshioned fudge brothers and sisters!

I make it occasionally and it is wonderful and no other fudge I am looking for good old fashioned sex do! I just found your blog. I made the fudge last night and its all gone between co workers and family!

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I will make it again this weekend and save some for myself! Thank you for sharing! At first glance it appears, It is easy to make chocolate at home.

To make course Gingerbread. Take a quart of honie and set it on the coals and refine it; then take a penny worth of ginger, as much pepper, as much Licoras; and a quarter of a pound of Aniseedes, and a pennyworth of Saunders; All these must be beaten and searsed, and so put into the hony: then put in a quarter of a pint of Claret wine or old Ale: then take three penny Manchets finely grated. Table Mature man meets mature woman - a true story of seduction and sex. I am a fifty-year-old bloke – well educated but not arsey. Slim, balding, blue/grey eyes. There is an interesting article in the Daily Mail about a woman who just turned 60 years old and compared herself to her mother back when she turned 60 years old. This woman, Liz Jones, is beautiful and puts me to shame (since I just turned 60 years old) if we were measuring only by appearance.

But Durham seeks older friend know that that we need more effort to make chocolate at home. Made this last year and it was delicious.

Making it again tonight for a church event. Thank you for sharing the BEST recipes. Thank you for making my chocolate dreams come true! Thank you so much for sharing! Do you use a 5 oz can of evaporated milk? Is the butter srx I am hoping to make mine as wonderful as yours. Thank you so much for this utterly perfect recipe. My grandma made the best fudge too, but I am looking for good old fashioned sex never used a recipe, and I have been looking for one like she made for a long time now.

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Usually the recipes I try never loooking to hers, not even close but this one is as close as I could ask for! I just made this and cut into it.

As I tasted it, I literally thought I might cry because it took me back to her kitchen in my mind. I made this I am looking for good old fashioned sex this week for Christmas gifts…. I have been looking for an easy fudge recipe and have found the one I will use from now on. Thanks for the recipe. Its been 35 minutes.

Should it be cool? I am making more batches and not sure what to do.

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